As we have seen from the history of the White Race and of the Jewish race, the Jews throughout their long and tortuous history have been the supreme masters of deceit. Whereas the Egyptians are no more, the Babylonians have disappeared, the (original) Greeks were mongrelized, the Romans perished, the Jews, on the other hand, are alive today, and going strong. They are, in fact, now in control of the world.

Why is it that this miserable race, which could never even found a culture or a civilization, or manage to build a country of their own, has nevertheless come out on top?

If we analyze Jewish history, the answers are not too hard to come by. There are hundreds of reasons that could be listed, but basically they are these few:

1. Early in their history they recognized what a powerful weapon was religion — a weapon with which to unite their own race, and a weapon with which to destroy their enemies.

2. They learned that in racial unity there is strength. They have been fanatically dedicated to their own race.

3. They found that there is nothing more potent in unifying a group, nation or race than hating a common enemy. As a consequence all non-Jewish peoples have perpetually been their enemies, and always will be.

4. The Jews mastered the tricky technique of confuse, divide and conquer as a key in overcoming their enemies.

5. They have relentlessly organized — they have organized their own people into thousands of effective and all-encompassing groups. They have also organized their enemies for their own destruction.

6. They have been diabolically clever at propaganda. They have grasped early in their history what a powerful tool was propaganda with which to manipulate their enemies.

It is this last aspect we want to examine more thoroughly. Whereas the Jews are in complete control of today’s propaganda and “news” media — radio, television, motion pictures, newspapers, magazines, etc., they were already extremely adept at using propaganda before the modern means were even invented.

Manipulation of the word has been their specialty as Masters of Deceit. In St. John 1:1 the Jewish Bible says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” A strange claim indeed, but one loaded with meaning — a meaning that has escaped most Gentiles, especially the preachers. What this strange bit of hocus-pocus really means in Jew-language is that with words they can create Gods, and conversely words can become as powerful as a God in controlling and directing the minds and destinies of people.

The Jews have used words and propaganda profusely and relentlessly to their advantage and to the White Man’s detriment. Although they have written and diffused millions of propaganda pieces, they have specifically written five books that have had a catastrophic effect on the history of mankind, and the White Race in particular.

These books are:

  1. The Old Testament. It has been a powerful instrument in uniting the Jewish race.
  2. The New Testament. It was written to confuse and confound the Romans in particular, and the White Race in general. It has been devastatingly effective.
  3. The Talmud. It was compiled over several centuries to give the Jews a Code of Laws to live by and a formula by which they could successfully destroy the “Goyim,” i.e., the White Race.
  4. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This was a modern distilled essence of the principles scattered throughout the Talmud but concentrated and brought up to date.
  5. Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital” and “The Communist Manifesto”. Together these two are the foundation and program for turning the Gentile peoples of the world into an organized Jewish slave labor camp. This program has already been successfully executed in Russia, Cuba, China and dozens of other countries now under the Jewish heel.

In the next several chapters we are going to examine each of these Jewish books in more detail.