A Two-Way Benefit


A Haven for your assets and a help for the movement at the same time.

A reader and supporter has suggested a way in which you might be able to safeguard and place some of your assets out of the reach of some of the pirates of the entrenched establishment, (the IRS, process servers, etc.) and at the same time contribute benefits to the Church of the Creator. We believe it has a lot of merit, and here is how it works. 

1. The Church of the Creator is establishing a Trust Fund to accomplish a given constructive purpose. We invite our supporters to LOAN to this Trust Fund whatever monies they can set aside, say $100.00 – , $500.00 – , $1000.00 – , $5000.00 – , etc. Such loan is established for one year or as long as you may see fit. 

2. The Church in turn gives you a Demand Note due after 1 year. The note specifies that it is interest free (the Church pays no interest). 

3. The Church in turn invests the Trust Funds in a Bank account that pays the highest current rate of interest, and it leaves the principle of all sums in the account at all times, ready to repay the face of the note upon demand at anytime after the 1 year of deposit. 

4. The contributor may leave the principle in Trust as long as he or she wishes (after 1 year) earning interest for the church. Whereas the contributor does lose the interest on the principle, this now goes to the church, but on the other hand, no income tax is paid on this amount by either the church or the contributor. 

5. The note would have an added provision, that in case no demand is made for the return of the principle prior to the time of death, then it is the express wish of the holder of the note that the principle be bequeathed to the church as an endowment to help promote the movement in the pursuit of its goal — the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 

We are ready, willing and able to receive any and all such funds that you may wish to put aside for your own protection and at the same time help build the movement. If there are any questions, please write us for further details.