In planning for the future growth of the White Man’s struggle for independence from Jewish tyranny, we have outlined a program for the smooth and peaceful transition of future successors. This article, as you will notice, appears on the back page of this issue. 

An important part of this plan is the thorough training of competent leaders. We want no incompetent stooges like the Eisenhowers or Harry Trumans, or other yokels who served as “president” but had not the slightest inkling of what their jobs were all about, and were mere puppets for their Jewish manipulators. Nor do we want smooth talking Hollywood actors who likewise do a slick job of playing traitor to the White Race. No, we want capable men. White men who are born leaders and highly trained and highly skilled to take up the leadership of their race – an awesome job of tremendous responsibility. 

I have already said that we will have special schools to train such leaders of the movement, and not only for the very top posts, but also for leadership all the way down the line. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR feel that our gifted young people are the most precious asset we, the White Race, possess. Whereas today they are being shunted aside while the retarded, the morons and the niggers receive special attention and money, we Creators mean to develop to the fullest our most precious resources. As a start on this most important project, we want to build a SCHOOL FOR GIFTED BOYS near our World Center. 

We have set aside a piece of acreage for this purpose and have already drawn up preliminary plans for the building. We need the help of all our members and supporters to bring this project to fruition. We want to start building this fall and if we get enough support, can be in business by next summer. 

Our initial plan is modest, since our resources are modest. Our plan is to have a two week program for boys during the summer months in which we would combine a camp and orientation course in CREATIVITY for gifted boys at their most impressionable age, preferably between ages of 10 and 12. Since it might be hard to find enough candidates in this group initially, we intend to be more flexible in the age span at the beginning. 

Briefly, the course would consist of hiking, camping, training in handling of firearms, archery, tennis, white water rafting and other healthy outdoor activities. About half the time would be utilized to acquaint these young geniuses with the goals and doctrines of Creativity and how they could best serve their own race in various capacities of leadership. 

Basically that is our initial plan. In order to implement it we need response and feedback from our supporters. We believe this is one of the most important projects we could possibly initiate at this time. Please let us hear from you and give us the benefit of your ideas.

* * * * *

We Creators are a thousand times more interested in cleansing and upgrading our White gene pool than we are in advancing an already too complex scientific technology.

* * * * * 

How odd of God to choose the Jews.
But it is still more odd
For those who hate the Jews
To choose the Jewish god.

* * * * *

The biggest fool is the fool who fools himself. 

* * * * *