Vindictive Judge Jails Oliver Bel

A mathematics graduate, Oliver Bel, was imprisoned for several years on Friday 21st May, ostensibly for possessing a ‘bomb making manual,’ namely ’The Anarchist Cookbook’, which was ‘likely to be used by somebody planning a terrorist attack’.

In reality, Bel, of Salford, England, was imprisoned for making a number of silly, ill-advised, ‘edgy’ online posts that a sane, freedom loving country would view as frustrated venting at what one deems to be wrong with society. That and the possession of the stupid book was used as an excuse to give the impression that ‘White Terrorism’ is really a thing, which it is not.

Oh well, at least the government can placate muslim community leaders by sending a message that they are not only kicking in the doors of and imprisoning their co-religionists that actually are planning to blow people and buildings to smithereens.

During the kangaroo court sentencing at Manchester Crown Court, the judge, the prosecution and the defence acknowledged there was the option of a community order. The judge had the opportunity to take a compassionate view of the ‘convicted terrorists’ well documented conditions, Bel being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, etc..

Instead the haughty judge, Alan Conrad, painted every aspect of the mathematics tutor’s misfortune in a negative light, portraying Mr. Bel as a manipulative person that plays on his conditions.

If a vulnerable person were treated with such contempt and lack of empathy in the work place, there would be hell to pay. But the judge in this case, under the guise of being ever so objective and reasonable, disgracefully uses Oliver’s conditions as an excuse to imprison him for years.

Vindictive Judge Conrad, of Jewish extraction, used the fact that Oliver and his legal team chose not to take the opportunity to defend himself, with character references, etc., as a reason to portray him as arrogant and manipulative and thus give a harsher sentence. Surely this is a dereliction of duty on the part of his legal team.

The ‘cute’ idea from the supposedly ‘brilliant’ defence barrister, Abigail Bright, is that they should not bother with character references, etc., as the whole prosecution case was ‘so ridiculous’ that it should be thrown out. Oliver Bel was optimistic that this would be the case. One can only despair when we see this kind of naivety. Do they not realise the kind of implacably evil forces they are up against?

Bel will be eligible for parole at the halfway mark. His time under curfew with an electronic tag – around 90 days – will be deducted from the sentence, plus the time already served. He may be released as early as next summer. Again, this is portrayed as reasonable, but under the circumstances, a community order would have been the fairest option.

There is a lesson that can be taken from this sad story. Every opportunity MUST be taken to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the individual facing years in prison for nonsense posts on social media is known to be as many positive adjectives as possible. Nice, affable, polite, caring, compassionate, generous, etc..

At the end of it all, the effort to defend your character may be in vain. The malicious judge may pull several other tricks out of the hat, but at least they will not have the satisfaction of throwing a refusal to defend yourself back in your face.

It might also be advised not to emotionally protest against the ridiculous platitudes made by these people in gowns and wigs. An elderly gentleman who was present to support Bel made the mistake of breathing a little more loudly than usual and Conrad took the opportunity to bellow at him to be quiet. Do not give these people on a power trip the satisfaction.

Obviously we would hope that, if a racially loyal White person ever found themselves being prosecuted in these court houses, it would be for the right reasons. If we are to be persecuted for our beliefs, let it be for statements we would happily defend in a court of law.

The Creativity Movement are determined to present information as accurately as possible. We want to make it clear that we are not a fan of the narrative from various – no doubt well meaning – people that Oliver Bel has been imprisoned solely because of a book, namely the Anarchist Cookbook, or even because of a combination of him expressing pro-White views and having the book in his possession. This is not the case.

Although not to be taken at all seriously, Oliver did unfortunately make a number of silly, ill-advised, ‘edgy’ posts that should, in a sane society, be viewed as frustrated, infantile venting. However, the comments he made are illegal in anti-White madhouse Britain. Society’s most vulnerable are most at risk of suffering under such legislation, especially if they are White people that express politically incorrect opinions.

Bel was being encouraged to make silly comments by various faceless accounts on Facebook and other social media. No doubt these were agents of the enemy, gleeful at the material they were collecting in order to do a number on the lad. Many good people, seeing the writing on the wall, tried to point him in the right direction, frantically urging Oliver to DELETE such infantile nonsense, not to post such idiocy in the future and channel his abilities more productively.

Oliver Bel was, as the judge pointed out, warned several times by the thought police, or so-called ‘Prevent’ officers, so they can always claim how ‘reasonable’ they were to give him several years in prison. An unfortunate situation, but we want to be clear on what really happened in this case.