University Professor Says You Cannot Bend Over Backwards Far Enough

Universities have long been notorious for being anti-White, promoting sexual deviancy and being generally culturally Marxist. They bend over backwards to adopt every anti-White position imaginable. It is therefore funny that today there is a headline saying that ‘universities are institutionally racist’ and need to do more to bend over backwards to non-white interests.

Speaking on a BBC Three documentary called ‘Is Uni Racist?,’ vice-chancellor of University of East Anglia Professor David Richardson said: “There’s mixed experiences, but many aren’t good. There is a lot of evidence that points towards universities perpetuating systemic racism, being institutionally racist and I have acknowledged that on behalf of the sector.

“Institutional racism is when there are systemic issues that are impacting disproportionally on particular members of your community, which need to be dismantled.”

Prof David Richardson is also ‘chair of Universities UK’s advisory group on stamping out racial harassment on campuses,’ as if to give the impression that ‘racial harassment’ is really a thing in virulently anti-White universities across Britain.

If a poor unfortunate White student even so much as breathed in a way that a non-white could interpret to be hostile or disrespectful, they would not know what hit them. The full weight of the criminal establishment would come crashing down on them like a ton of bricks.

As we all know, the so-called ‘British’ establishment is totally corrupt. However, the education system especially is at the very core of the rot. These halls of iniquity are working flat out to undermine and rewrite the country’s history, fill the minds of students with sinister garbage and generally help the country along the path of total disintegration. This, of course, is basically like everywhere else in this world that has gone stark raving mad, but in the most insidious way imaginable.

The message is clear – no matter how much you try to bend over backwards to promote the most destructive anti-White garbage, it is never enough.