Signs of a Broken Civilisation

Monday 19 April 2021 the trial of Derek Chauvin, the policeman who found himself dragged before the world accused of racially targeting a black man and murdering him, came to a close. The jury has yet to decide on a verdict.

Chauvin has no connection with anything pro-White, never said anything against non-whites (that we know of) and has a non-white wife and child. (Racial Loyalists would call him a despicable race-traitor.)

He has been accused of causing death by excessive use of force and “kneeling on the neck” of a black drug addict criminal, George Floyd, who consequently died.

The whole incident has been a massive cause célèbre around the world with anti-Whites rioting and looting in Floyd’s name. They attacked the police in general as being a form of “White supremacism” and somehow aimed against blacks.

When the trial started, before any guilt had been established, nor the actual cause of the junkie’s death decided, Floyd’s family were awarded $27 million dollars by the City of Minneapolis.

That act prejudiced the trial because it suggested Floyd had been murdered by Chauvin and the sum awarded was that high because the case is really about making a historic circus around the trial. It will have been noted by many how profitable such behaviour could be, no doubt.

The rioting by BLM continued on and off regardless of the trial, especially since another couple of controversial shootings of blacks took place during that time. This violence was more than enough for any juror to be very concerned about appearing to favour the policeman in their verdict.

The icing on the cake, which really shows just how broken civilisation is in America, was when Maxine Waters, a long-standing US Congressional Representative and demented old brown sack, started calling for more violence should Chauvin not be sentenced to her satisfaction.

The trial judge, among other voices, condemned Waters for prejudicing the outcome of the trial.
It would not only affect one trial but potentially any trial in which the accused is black. Open season on attacking White people is not far away.

Judge Peter Cahill told the court in Minneapolis that Waters’ intervention was “abhorrent” and that it also meant Chauvin could use her interference as grounds to appeal any sentence.

This trial will become immortalised in history for its significant place in the attempted collapse of the United States, orchestrated by the enemies of the White Race.