School Promotes Confusing “Woke” Nonsense

Birmingham, England.

Political Correctness, otherwise known as being “woke” is full of strange contradictions. For example such people advocate that there are no differences between girls and boys or men and women. At the same time they maintain that it is entirely reasonable that a boy or man (which can exist initially as we understand it for the purposes of the argument) would want to get an operation to become a “girl” or “woman”.

Why should anyone have such invasive surgery if there are no differences between men and women?

For the “woke”, a transsexual MUST be referred to according to the sex they identify as. They call this “respecting pronouns”.

Note that this is not a “male” becoming a “female”, as the “woke” crowd are divided on whether a man who identifies (with or without surgery and hormones) as a “woman” should still be regarded as a “male” biologically. There is fierce fighting on this matter.

J.K Rowling, the Harry Potter author is famously with her fellow “TERF” feminists in the argument that a man who has transitioned to being a “woman” is not a female nor perhaps a “real woman” – which of course we Creators also hold as true.

The individual born as a male remains XY in chromosomes (not XX which is female) as well as that they may have done nothing to change their hormones or genitals. Some feminists would add that these phony “women” do not have the history of oppression by men that women have and other odd perspectives.

A biological male can, on a temporary whim, be a “woman” according to these perverts, but it is controversial to argue that their biology is female whenever they do so. Science and logic are oppression as far as the most “woke” crowd are concerned.

If a woman or a man has NOT transitioned or chosen to identify as another gender (they are a normal person) then the woke crowd are not bothered about protecting pronouns. If anything they would like someone to accidentally “misgender” a normal person and keep the option open that the normal person might want to join the trans fashion.

Woe betide anyone who says “he” to a male who is identifying as a “she”. That, strangely, does excite the “woke” crowd into legal action!

In Anderton Park Primary School the children – who are being driven literally crazy no doubt – are told to inform the staff if they hear any “sexist” language such as another member of staff saying “good morning, boys and girls”.

How can this be so terrible to them? Is it… because some boys may actually think they are “girls” and vice-versa and the wording “boys and girls” may make some afflicted individuals assume you are suggesting that you know who those “boys” and “girls” are and that they are distinct groups and somehow excluding the trans ones…

That last paragraph makes little sense to me even though I wrote it. I am trying to imagine WHY “good morning boys and girls” is so offensive. I tried, but can anyone really explain it?

Don’t think about this muddle too hard, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make any sense of it.

The only possible way to make sense of it really would be that it is intended to drive people insane and that it is weaponised idiocy.

Anderson Park Primary School in Birmingham, England, is majority non-white and it is unlikely that the muslim parents are happy about the programme there.

The school head teacher, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, was at the centre of a storm in 2020, when muslim parents staged protests against the promotion of ‘LGBTQ+’. Apparently it gave her a headache. She was then given a so-called ‘Pride of Birmingham’ award for her efforts.

Normal people can only hope these cranks will refrain from promoting such madness in schools across the country, but that would be unlikely.