“Save The White Race” Sticker Deemed Offensive and Racist by Liverpool Echo

Saving the White Race is just like another Shoah!

Looks as though Creators have been busy in the Liverpool area. The journalist who wrote this piece sent us an email earlier today. However, she posted her article before we could reply. Poor Helen Whitehouse must be desperate and under pressure at this quiet time of year. Anybody would think this is something recent. Followers of our page will know different. It is good that the author acknowledges this is a nationwide – and soon to be worldwide – phenomenon.

From Liverpool Echo:

The appearance of racist stickers in a Merseyside village has sparked fury among local people.

The round sticker carries a large W in the middle with the words “Wake up white people, save the white race.”

Today Aintree Village councillor Anthony Carr said he would not stand for that kind if discrimination in his area.

The Labour councillor said: “I don’t want any discrimination in my ward at all. I really wouldn’t expect it in my ward, I’ve never come across it before.

“I do not understand why anyone could want to put this up in my area. I just find it appalling.

“It’s not the British way. The British way of doing things is about stamping out fascism.”

And Sefton Council confirmed that they will be removing the stickers. A spokesman said: “We are aware of the offensive stickers and our cleansing department will be visiting the area to remove them.

One of the stickers was found stuck to a signpost in Aintree Village by Shelia Moubray. She said: “I was just waiting for my brother when I spotted it.

“To be honest it’s quite small on the signpost, you wouldn’t just see it walking past.”

The stickers have been cropping up all over the country since autumn last year and appear to be produced by a group called “The Creativity Movement” – which has the slogan “white racial loyalty without compromise”.

The group says that the W emblem on the stickers stands for “White Race – which we regard as the most precious treasure on earth.”

A description on the organisation’s website reads: “Professional, non-violent, progressive, pro-white religion. We promote White Civil Rights, Whiter Self Determination, and White Liberation by 100% legal activism.”

The HQ for the organisation appears to be based in Brookings, South Dakota, US – but there are branches all over the world including Croatia, Iceland, Canada, Sweden and the UK.