Response to Ricin Idiocy

This is just a quick response following a news story that has broken in various American anti-White media outlets. Many articles have such titles as ‘Georgia man with apparent white supremacist connections arrested for having ricin’. By ‘white supremacist,’ the anti-White media means any White person who cares about White people and strives to ensure the continued existence of White people upon the face of this earth.

In the story, it appears that a young man by the name of William Christopher Gibbs has been arrested following an incident involving ricin, a deadly toxin. According to news articles, Gibbs, in a state of panic, rushed to a nearby hospital and informed staff that he had ricin on his hands. The anti-White media outlets do not state why or how this man came to possess ricin.

As far as connections to pro-White people, the fellow in question is not connected to The Creativity Movement. However, we can confirm that he did make his presence felt on Facebook, sharing our Facebook material. He was one of those strange people who seem to pop out of nowhere and show an interest in a myriad of (mostly bizarre) ideas.

Gibbs did contact us a while back, sending a number of Creators very strange messages. He struck us as one of the most dysfunctional, incoherent and mentally ill people we have come across. Perhaps showing symptoms of schizophrenia or some other serious mental health issue.

This fellow had delusions of being some kind of ‘messiah,’ which of course has absolutely nothing to do with Creativity, and a weird obsession with his jacket. He seemed to think the jacket he wore had magical powers.

Take a look at this rambling message he sent our way (seen in the video), which is virtually impossible to make sense out of. Even the brightest couldn’t make head nor tail of it. All correspondence abruptly ended when we saw this terrible mess. The deranged ramblings of somebody who probably belongs in a locked ward at the nearest mental hospital following years of drug abuse.

Strangely for a supposed ‘pro-White’ individual, William Gibbs has a liking for ‘rap music,’ which is hardly a decent way of enjoying or celebrating the White Man’s culture. Going back to the crazy rants, Gibbs appeared to have an obsession with a ‘black’ rapper by the name of ‘Lil Wayne,’ whoever that is, believing there was some mystical connection between the rappers tattoo and his warped brain. Does this mean that the ‘black’ rapper ‘Lil Wayne’ is involved?

We concluded that William must be a drug taking mental case and paid no more attention to him. It is unfortunate that so many nutcases try to identify with us decent Racial Loyalists, mistakenly believing we are something we are not. To those people, please, do us a favour – get away from us! Go away!

It is also interesting to note that this fellow claims to be a member of a local masonic lodge. A fact that the biased anti-White media will typically fail to report. Once again, it is very strange that this fellow would have connections to the ‘Masonic Order,’ especially considering that most pro-White people take a dim view of this outfit. Now that it has been established he is a member of such an ‘Order,’ does this mean the worldwide ‘Masonic Order’ is involved, too?

As far as Creators go, if you are a Creator, you couldn’t possibly justify becoming a member of a masonic lodge, as they require members to believe in a ‘higher power’ or ‘Grand Architect of the Universe’. What we Creators would derisively refer to as a ‘spook in the sky’. The Masonic Order also has universalist ideals that we Creators reject. The two are wholly incompatible.

We have no more information about the actions of William Christopher Gibbs than anybody else. Some have speculated that this entire scenario might be a ‘setup’ by the usual shady characters in the American security services in order to demonise pro-White people. That wouldn’t surprise us. However, at first glance this looks to be a case of some idiot having a crazy idea to produce a deadly toxin and almost falling victim to it himself.