Racist Stamps – Collect Them While You Can!

The government owned Spanish postal service is releasing skin coloured stamps. The darker the skin colour, the lower the worth. That always was the way with the slave trade when the Arabs prefered to purchase White women.

Since this is just a bit controversial (obviously) these are likely to prove to be rather valuable collectors items. They may have a very short print run as eyebrows are hitting the roof.

Of course this stunt was dreamt up in the name of “anti-racism”. It takes a bit of mental gymnastics to see it that way, but it fits in with the new “anti-racism” which demands everyone to be hyper aware of racial differences. We Creators are more than happy to discriminate in this way.

Since Creativity is only for White people and all about the survival, expansion and promotion of White people, we need people to be able to recognise skin differences as well as the plethora of other features that indicate racial heritage.

It used to be that the “anti-racists”, who continue to be fervently anti-White, demanded people NOT to “see colour”. Now they say that not “seeing colour” is itself “racist” because White people need to know how to bow, scrape and kneel before non-whites.

Equality is not the aim. Dominance over White people is their aim. Given an inch these evil lunatics will take a mile. It remains the case that although White people have a hundred miles we could rightly and easily take, metaphorically, at this time the will to do so is lacking. Give Whites a hundred miles and those who are not racially loyal just knock themselves backwards instead. Anything else is blameworthy according to the “woke” culture.

It is amusing then, that the racial education of White people comes through own-goals like that of the Spanish postal service. You’ve got to love it!