Protect Your Files Before They Disappear

Make sure you save any files you consider important onto an external storage device of some kind. Apple has announced they are about to begin a practice of going through the files of all their users and report or delete as they see fit.

Of course it is not just Apple. Apple openly made a statement, that is the only difference between them and other companies who will do the very same thing.

Their excuse for this is the need to find any child abuse images or schemes to traffic children. Since all decent people agree those aims are noble, the “think of the children” guise works to censor and intrude into privacy.

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower agrees with such concerns about mission-creep. He tweeted that this is “rolling out mass-surveillance to the entire world”.

How much does Apple care about the welfare of children? Many children work in their factories in China ridiculously long hours in such poor conditions that a suicide net had to be installed. Young blacks in Africa are worked to death in cobalt mines.

Apple partners with the US government to cross-check files for what they deem as illicit material. Who can doubt this will expand to include political views? It is the same mission-creep as when social media sites and banks ban customers for political reasons, which racially loyal White activists know better than anyone. The internet itself is being gradually wiped of all forbidden information and ideas.

Windows 11, the new upgrade, is set to follow suit. They may even be obliged by a back-door agreement with the government to take on this role. Right now the government can look through your files without a warrant, at a whim. Apple and Microsoft are part of this.

Linux is safe – if you know how that works.

Data stored in the cloud is easy for the authorities to gain access to and it will not be long until companies will be deleting what they do not like.

While the public are assured these moves will save children from harm, the black market for child exploitation will quickly adapt and carry on what they do. The point is really just to invade people’s privacy.

You should not be surprised to find files disappearing. “Wrong” views are systematically being erased from the whole internet: books digitally burned, or the authorities notified if you have something such as the daft “Anarchist’s Cookbook”. People go to jail as supposed “terrorists” all the time for having that!

The NSA always used to say they were only interested in spying on terrorists, but later it was revealed they were spying on everyone. It is never as limited, cosy and sugar-coated as it is presented. You have to protect yourself, because the government is not protecting you. They are your enemy.