“Progressive” Democrats Join With Republicans to Bankroll Israeli War Crimes

Violence has intensified in the Israeli onslaught on Palestinians in the last week. Over 40 Palestinians have been brutally slaughtered by Israeli armed forces in the past week and hundreds have been seriously injured.

Everyone knows that Israel has a long history of “human rights” abuses and war crimes against the Palestinians and most people in the world with the slightest interest in world events condemn these atrocities.

Quite aside from the brutality, we, as Creators, abhor the bankrolling of the Israeli state by the US taxpayer. The US government sends Israel $3.8 billion in military aid every year. This is money that is needed in the US, but the government is also bought and paid for by the same wily foreign state that they gave the money to.

The money goes from taxpayers to Israel and a lot of it goes to AIPAC who then buy off the politicians.

Friends of the Palestinians have been calling for the military aid package to Israel to at least be conditional on Israel not committing atrocities and violations of international humanitarian law. Amnesty International has made this request and a bill has been introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum (D- Minnesota) to prohibit arms and security provided by the US being used in violations of international humanitarian law. The military detention and abuse of children, the demolition of homes, illegal confiscation of Palestinian property and the annexation of occupied land are mentioned.

In the face of this, or perhaps even as a rebuff, 330 members of the US House of Representatives signed a letter in April, insisting that the billions of dollars in aid to Israel must continue to be “UNCONDITIONAL”.

Nearly all the Republican members signed the letter and more than half of the Democrats also signed it.

The Biden administration had already decided it would be firmly committed to such unconditional aid to the right wing Israeli government, so the letter was more of a show of determination and arrogance than any change of direction.

The US deep state has been serving the same Chosen Tribe for many decades no matter which party has been in power.

When various other countries commit what is regarded as human rights violations, the US will regularly cut off aid to them, but somehow Israel must bomb the frantic and almost defenceless Palestinians for Israel’s own survival and security!

The letter claims “security aid to Israel is a specific investment in the peace and prosperity of the entire Middle East” and “makes the region a safer place and bolsters diplomatic efforts aimed at achieving a negotiated two-state solution, resulting in peace and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

As the aid flows unconditionally to Israel, Israel knows they can get away with whatever they please without need to compromise. Israel is far more powerful than enemies such as Iran and would be so even if US aid was stopped.

Israel has never officially admitted to having nuclear weapons, never mind hundreds of them they likely do have, so they would never have to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

The House members are effectively encouraging a regional arms race, which in turn profits the US arms industry.

A number of the signatories of the letter are Democrats who masquerade as being far Left, “Progressive Caucus”. These charlatans have been endorsed in their careers by anti-war organisations like Peace Action and MoveOn. Perhaps these groups will be reluctant to endorse them in 2022.

If these anti-war groups do not hold the likes of these so-called “Left wing progressives” accountable then they are helping future blank checks to be written for Israel again.

The fealty to Israel and the hypocrisy are shocking to many who may have been naive enough to think that the Democrats would stand up for Palestinian human rights.

The US government just keeps right on handing over hard-earned tax dollars to this gangster state that only hates and wants to destroy anyone and anything they cannot exploit and abuse.