Medicines and Medical Errors – The Biggest Killers

Creators are very cynical about medicines. It is necessary to weigh up a situation and not to take what might appear to be an “easy” choice – taking a pill for example – when the correct approach is to make necessary adjustments to our own diet and fitness.

Most people, like those rushing for their (dodgy) covid vaccine, do not want to know the truth about the corrupt and deadly history of the medical profession. Medicine in the hands of our racial enemies is even more to be feared. That might be the only excuse for good White People to make sure they have a presence in that industry.

This news piece from a few years back actually goes as far as to state that medical errors are the third biggest cause of death in the United States.

Remarkably, CNBC even says here that doctors do not want people to know these facts. This is a mainstream media outlet. Since the story is from 2018 it can be assumed that they would not publish this at the time the covid vaccines are being forced onto people.

The information concerns medical errors only, and not deaths caused by people taking the medicines according to the instructions. If you were to add the poisoning effects of “correctly” administered drugs to the additional deaths from “incorrectly” administered drugs it is almost certain that the combination would mean it is the MAIN cause of death in the United States.

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