Jews Complain British Universities Are as Bad as National Socialist Germany

Kvetch kvetch kvetch. They are determined not to be outdone by their pets who are frightened by the slight glitches on the adoption of “critical race theory”.

Jews are complaining that British universities are allowing Leftists to speak up against Israel’s cruelty towards the Palestinians.

A picture is imaginatively planted in which White “supremacist “ hate-filled “Nazis” teach that all “non-Aryans” in British universities should be taunted and oppressed.

Oy vey!!!

What all this fuss is really about is shoring up any chance of criticising Israel or any powerful infamous Jewish lineages (Rothschilds, Soros, various banksters, etc.). No one must dare suggest that The Chosenites are in any way, as individuals or as organisations, advancing their own nefarious agendas.

Simply pointing to a billionaire with a Jewish name involved in globalist manipulations is regarded as an “anti-semitic trope” and must be shut down.

Of course anyone remotely aware of the flavour of teaching in “Western” universities knows very well that it is all about reverse Nazism. It is all about inculcating White Guilt and pushing all forms of degeneracy and brain-pollution.

For most of the last century, the Frankfurt School, which is an entirely Jewish/Marxist ideology, has been rapidly concentrated into our universities.

In the last few years this process jumped even more noticeably into pushing anti-Whitism brazenly onto much younger children, from high schools to pre-schools.

(‘When to start talking about race… as young as 2 or 3 years old… children as young as 2 years old can internalize racial bias… read books at an early age (6 months) with racially diverse characters… with a Black or Brown lead character.’ Etc., etc., ad nauseam.)

It is White people who have long been attacked and mentally destroyed by the semitic Marxist programmes of education – but it is practically illegal for us to object.

This has reached the point where working-class White boys in the Britain do worse academically than any other ethnic group.

It is a cliche, a “trope” as they like to call it, that Jews “cry out in pain when they hit you”, but this is all clearly the same play-book and repeatedly observable. They are crying out in pain as they hit the Palestinians too. We can look at that as a demonstration of racial character; the same character that continues to be used against White people. It might be a bit less violent, although no less deadly right now. When we are goaded into wars it is their “harvest” just the same.

We can look on to see if those on the “Left”, as well as Muslims, who have been targeted by the demand to favour Israel, will quietly let these whining Zionists have their way without a struggle.

They used the same arguments to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. It could get interesting.