Is the Pope a Catholic?

The Chief Rabbinate is outraged that the Pope repeats the pronouncements of the Jesus he worships.

In John 11:25 Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even though he dies.”

Pope Francis said of the Torah the same sentiment all Christians have said one way or another since their bible was written because that is why Christianity is a thing.

“The Law, however, does not give life, it does not offer the fulfillment of the promise because it is not capable of being able to fulfill it. The Law is a journey, a journey that leads toward an encounter… Those who seek life need to look to the promise and to its fulfillment in Christ”. ~Pope Francis

This pope has himself in an awkward position here though. Why? He only went and declared earlier that ATHEISTS could go to heaven! Now his words imply that while his god will look kindly on nice atheists, if someone just believes in Judaism and not in salvation through Christ they are not getting in.

Of course, reading between the lines, it is just more Clown World nonsense from the Pope, who no doubt has only love for Jews and really would like to announce that Satanists or pretty much anyone except pro-White racial loyalists are similarly welcome in the Christian afterlife in Heaven rather than Hell.

Here is an opportunity for these Rabbis to make a case for Christianity being entirely anti-semitic based on what Christians have always believed: Jesus being the “way” and not simply the Old Testament/Torah.

The Chief Rabbinate said the idea the New Testament takes over from the Torah and the only way to salvation and to go to Heaven is through Jesus is “in effect part and parcel of the teaching of contempt towards Jews and Judaism”. He said he thought this idea of life through Christ alone had been repudiated by the Church!

Of course there are Islamic hadiths about their murderous intent for Jews that the trees and rocks will cry out about. So is it remotely possible that the powers that be will ban all Abrahamic religions except Judaism? That is unless all Islamic scholars and holy men disavow it?

That would suppose Judaism has nothing offensive or violent to say about Jesus, Christians or gentiles – unless they are given immunity when other religions are not. That immunity is what is termed “Talmudic Law”.

Creativity makes no violent threats towards anyone. We do expose various ideas as being used against us by our “enemies”, but our solution is to urge White people to stop supporting these harmful ideas and instead to think of what is best for our race.

We believe our non-cooperation with enemies will shrink them so they “wither on the vine”. We know our enemies have much more brutal intentions towards us though, and so of course we have to defend ourselves from their attacks.

If it is unacceptable to these rabbis that the Pope repeats what a mythical Jesus said about the need to believe in the word of the New Testament, which supersedes the Old Testament/Torah, then they will be angry about any religion that mentions Jews in an unflattering light. The bar is set very low indeed when Christianity in its most basic form is regarded as virulently anti-semitic.

Catholicism holds that “Catholicism is the fulfilment of Judaism”. The idea is that they want the Jews to follow through into worshiping Christ and blossom into being Christians.

The Jesus character was depicted as a Jew and spent his fictitious existence on earth in the mission of converting the Jews to his new ideas of love, forgiveness, material poverty, surrender and gentleness. These are suicidal ideas for a group that in the end were directed at the gentiles as the earliest “woke” nonsense. These ideas are the main reason the White Race is in the mess we are in.

Is it stupidity that these rabbis do not know the essence of why the Torah is not regarded as the means for Christian salvation, or is there some kind of game plan here? Will the weak Pope play along or will he double down? It is all quite bizarre.

What should a Creator be doing right now? It is simple and it is critical. We cannot express it enough. Read and study our Holy Books daily and share the chapters far and wide. Make it part of your routine. AVAILABLE HERE