CRITICAL RACE THEORY – Is it Good for the White Race?

The news in the US is full of stories about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and about it being taught to young school-children.

The Republicans are using the issue to garner more votes, by their outrage that such “racism” is becoming part of the curriculum.

The Democrats want to promote CRT because it is Marxist and anti-White, while the Republicans are more nuanced in their attempts to attack the White Race and so they oppose CRT because they claim race mixing is the way to go.

CRT demands that everyone must “see colour,” i.e. be racially aware. The Republicans are horrified by the idea of seeing racial difference, as they want Martin Luther King as the hero to listen to.

King famously said that a man should not be judged by the colour of his skin, but rather by the content of his character.

CRT is a product of the Jewish Marxist Frankfurt School ideology.

The word “critical” is common to their ideas, such as “critical theory” generally. It is not about being objective, but about tearing down and destroying (“deconstructing”) normal and also traditional ways of thinking and replacing them with the political power-grab confused nonsense that these Marxists insert into the brains of their victims.

For these ideologues, just as biological sex doesn’t exist and yet chosen sexual identity must be protected by law, the White Race does not exist but White people have to be blamed and prosecuted for the original sin of being born White. For them, Whites exist or do not exist depending on whether the idea is to positively or negatively identify the race.

If we say how proud we are to be White and care about our race then suddenly they insist there is no such thing. Yet they hate the White Race and see what they oddly term “White Supremacy” as the worst problem in the world.

CRT claims that there is no salvation for White people. We are all evil and guilty from the moment we are born. However they want White people to feel this guilt and spend their lives trying to compensate the non-whites for the original sin. No gratitude or forgiveness is permitted.

Remember that dehumanisation (of the White Race) is the propaganda that is used to justify increasingly genocidal policies.

As Creators we obviously hope that this revelation of hatred against White people would serve as a wake-up call to our brothers and sisters.

We hope that everyone indeed does learn to see colour and race. We encourage racial separation.

Many of those who oppose CRT are afraid that exactly this awakening will happen. People will choose to stand proud of who they are.

We will not be grinded into the dirt, grovelling, self-flaggelating and wearing shirts of hair. Finally the White Race will stop trying to chase the destructive falsehood of all races living together in harmony.

Critical Race Theory gives us this opportunity. It is the silver lining in the cloud.