Cries of “Back To England” For Dirty Henry

Ridiculous Harry, otherwise known as ‘Dirty Henry,’ the royal reject, wants to see US Constitution even further

He has given it a fleeting thought with his defective (half a) brain cell.

Now that the “Prince” has taken residence in the United States with his meganlomaniac anti-White wife, MeAgain, he is trying to hype his family as an off-shoot of the British Monarchy.

Harry informs the world that, although he doesn’t understand the American Constitution, in his view, the 1st Amendment is “bonkers”. The US War of Independence was fought to stop such British meddling in US affairs.

That war, to free America from the British monarchy, resulted in the adoption of the American Constitution several years later.

After winning this historic victory, Americans today are not amused by Harry’s dumb criticism of the protections of freedom of speech.

Harry said on a podcast “I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment. I still don’t understand it, but it is bonkers.”

Harry is a known moron who cannot understand very much at all. Most people think he is simply a tool of Megan Markle, who we can imagine told him that the 1st Amendment allows nasty “racist” speech. The fool simply doesn’t want anyone to say anything upsetting about his dear wife no doubt. The couple are “woke” and subscribe to the “cancel culture” of the globalist fascists.

Hardly anyone is impressed by them. Their efforts rub people up the wrong way. They represent the richest and most privileged, while oppressing normal people in the name of “social justice”.

Eventually Harry’s wife may even kick him out to salvage her own credibility and he will go back to England in shame with his tail between his legs. What a circus!