Canada to Rename Summer “Pride Season”

The Canadian government has decided that the two months dedicated to everyone except straight White people is not enough and a whole season should be reserved for sickness.

The month of June devoted to what should be out of sight, out of mind and a thing of shame at best is ironically blasted out as “pride”. This applies, it seems, to everywhere that does not have a particularly disdainful view of the promotion of homosexuality, confused sexual identities, and grooming of children to lose their minds and be victims. Those countries would generally be Islamic or Russia.

Not just June though. While June is disgustingly reserved for a general triumphalism of the degenerates, the month of February every year is reserved for “LGBTQ+ history month”. Of course additionally there is “black history month” on an annual basis too.

White, straight people are targeted and bullied and propandised into staying quiet or virtue signalling support. There is only shame heaped upon people who are normal and we find even the businesses we might hope to buy products from are pandering/flexing aggressively by incorporating rainbow flags.

That design has just been updated to include black and brown stripes which, while they should represent how crappy it all is, instead bizarrely seek to include non-white skin shades. The idea is further “unity” against heterosexual White people.

Is the outcome of all this madness going to be that White people all decide they have no place in the world, at least unless they identify in some animalistic attraction to those who have the same genitalia as themselves?

Nope. A backlash is definitely building.

There will always be billions of people who can be pushed to the limits of their tolerance by things like “drag queens” singing to toddlers about what all the colours weirdly mean while they hope to gain an opportunity to destroy their minds and bodies.