Australia PM Says Your Fault if Harmed by Covid Jab

It is your own fault if you die or are maimed by the Covid-19 vaccination (or any vaccination) according to the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison.

It is your body and you need to take full responsibility while you are still allowed to volunteer to have the vaccination. So the Australian PM claims, when asked how he feels about two of those who have died from the vaccine.

He urged everyone thinking of having the vaccine to first sit down and talk through all the implications with their doctor. This is something very few do. We are told by politicians and the media, as well as people we know who want us to take the dodgy jab, that we should just book in and get it. People are given the impression that it is necessary for some people to die from the vaccination if it protects the supposedly larger number of old and very sickly people who otherwise would be affected by the virus.

Statistics are hard to verify (deliberately vague) but indicate that young and healthy people have no danger from the covid virus but a higher yet unknown level of risk from taking the vaccine. Various possibilities are: blood clots, heart attacks, prion disease, infertility, nerve damage and so on. These can develop over years.

The vaccine is being pushed by the vilest corporate criminals in the world – people who should never be trusted on anything at all ever and should be locked up: Alan Dershowitz, Tony Blair and pretty much everyone who was a friend and associate of mossad paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to give them an appropriate classification!

The Australian PM is just trying to suggest that no pity should be afforded to anyone harmed by the wonderful vaccine. The psychopathic cheek of this is breathtaking. The flip side however is that indeed none of us should be sheep. We should not poison ourselves to conform. We should take responsibility for doing the right thing even if it makes us unpopular or persecuted for our vigilance and skepticism.

How long will it be before they say that asking your doctor about your suitability for the shot is itself forbidden because only an outcast refuses the compulsory experimentation? We already have the beginnings of a two tier segregation where the ‘unvaccinated’ are excluded. In a couple of years or so the risks of the vaccine should be a lot more apparent. It makes sense to act with caution. The oppression of those who are not in favour of being injected with this dodgy rubbish will eventually pass.

Creators view vaccines as a racket by big pharma and also as a form of dysgenics that allows the sickest and weakest to spread at the expense of natural immunity and good health. It creates people who are medically dependent and the process is fraught with dangers from corruption and counterfeiting as well as stupid mistakes. We Creators would never approve of partaking in such a process.

Quote from Creative Credo No. 12 from The White Man’s Bible:

Reject Vaccines. This also includes the choice to have, or to reject, all vaccines, shots, immunizations or any other claptrap that the medical profession in collusion with the government is so eager to foist on an uninformed populace. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are against all vaccines, believe they are not only useless but definitely harmful. We believe they have killed many more people than they have helped, if any. We therefore reject them for ourselves and our children. We will not tolerate any of this unsubstantiated hocus-pocus to be perpetrated on us or our children, any more than we would tolerate the voodoo practices of an African witch-doctor.

Our Health Creed. In short we lay down the following creed as part of our religious belief:

1. Our bodies are our own. We will utilize or reject any practice as we see fit, whether the A.M.A. approves of it or not.

2. We will set up our own health facilities with personnel we choose as being best qualified, whether the A.M.A. approves or not.

3. We contend that the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. are practicing a fraud on the public and that their drug approach is unsubstantiated by either scientific knowledge or empirical results. We contend it is nothing more than a fraudulent dogma arbitrarily chosen by the hierarchy as a deceptive means with which to victimize the uninformed and the gullible, and to commercialize on their despair in time of crisis.

4. We contend that our constitutional rights in our religious beliefs supersede their fraudulent dogma and we refuse to be subservient to their commercially oriented dictatorship.”