Manchester Arena On The Ground

Creators on the ground opposite the Manchester Arena.

Many of us woke today to the truly dreadful news that a suicide bombing at a music concert at Manchester Arena last night had taken the lives of at least 22 innocent people, many of them children. The youngest being only 8 years old. Truly horrible and shocking. Yet in this crazy society in which we find ourselves, not altogether surprising.

I personally viewed the many videos circulating around the Internet in the late evening following the atrocity. Some videos including explosions, some including screaming young girls running for their lives and some showing girls bleeding to death on the payment.

No doubt there will be nationwide and worldwide outrage amongst racially loyal White people and outrage from just ordinary people that have been moved by this heinous atrocity against children attending a concert.

Some people may be so upset by this terror attack that they feel the urge to lash out violently. If you’re a person who is thinking like this, it is understandable, but this is not a good idea.

We would strongly urge you to show restraint. Don’t fall into the enemy trap. They would love to see decent racial loyalists reacting to an event like this with violence, wasting themselves and becoming a detriment to our cause.

The enemy would love a good excuse to demonize us like the animals that committed this act of barbarism. Be smart. The best thing you can do is express your anger by legal means. Use an event like this as fuel to further the cause.

If you are a White person that has been moved to action by these events, contact us at The Creativity Movement as soon as possible. Let’s get busy promoting the pro-White thinking that will put an end to this kind of madness and stop it from engulfing our future.

 ~ Rev James