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Welcome to The Creativity Movement.

We at The Creativity Movement are determined to make it easier for Creators and our supporters to become effective activists in the Great Cause for White Salvation.

We encourage all racially loyal White people to get involved spreading the good word.

First step, have you read and studied Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible, the Holy Books of Creativity? Do you agree with the contents therein?

If the answer if ‘Yes,’ now is the time to take that step to becoming a self-replicating organism. Namely, bringing more White people to this website and enabling them to be introduced to our Holy Books.

We want to encourage those select few people that have the ‘get up and go,’ or the initiative, to utilise the many tools they have available to them.

In our Flyers and Brochures section we have a selection of high quality graphics that can be printed off and distributed in your area. Get to work and do this.

We have a wide selection of graphics in our Sticker and Wallpaper section that the more creative activists can chop and change and make into a design of their choice that they believe will be more effective.

We also welcome new designs, so please send your work our way.

For those would be activists struggling to get started, due to lack of resources, we are able to put together our amazing promotional packages that will blow your socks off. They will literally have your eyes popping out of your head.

If you are interested in the above package, please send us an email and we can discuss the best course of action. Often all we will ask is for a donation to cover the price of postage.

If you are an adherent to Creativity with good writing skills and wish to make news story or blog post contributions to our website, please send them to our email at along with an appropriate image to be featured in the post.

All contributions are appreciated and will be considered, however they must be appropriate for our Creativity oriented website in order to be approved.

We at The Creativity Movement are just so passionate about promoting Creativity, what we call – and truly believe is – our ONE AND ONLY HOPE.

Please contact us via our email address at if you wish to get involved or even to express support. All contributions are welcome.

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Our great religious institution has been in existence since 1973. In the short years of our existence, we have had many triumphs, such as the formulation of our creed and the wide dissemination of our ideas. Ideas that have influenced more people than you would realize.

Though our creed is relatively young when compared to many of the world’s religions, we are one of the oldest and most stable pro-White organizations in the world today.

Those who are new to Creativity must understand that we are NOT a political organization. Creativity is a RELIGION and The Creativity Movement a religious organization. An organization based primarily on education and enlightenment, not counterproductive confrontation.

We understand that some confrontation is necessary and there is a time and a place for this. However, The Creativity Movement focuses on a different strategy.

As stated, we are primarily a religious and educational institution. We strive for building a better future for our people. A future of not only survival, but also advancement and prosperity. Our religious organization has, from its inception, striven for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White race and the White race alone. We cannot make it any more simple.

Our Four Dimensional Program of a Sound Mind, in a Sound Body, in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment keeps us on our toes. When confronted or challenged we deal with problems swiftly and appropriately.

The Golden Rule of our religious creed is as follows: What is good for the White race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White race is the ultimate sin. What is good for White people is good. What is bad for White people is bad. Simple.

If you wish to help you can donate as an official supporter or help distribute our Holy Books.