The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

The Young Hitler I Knew: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Childhood Friend

Over the years I have read dozens of books related to, and/or about Adolf Hitler, I would estimate the number of books I have read regarding him to be well over fifty. My desire for wanting to know the truth about ‘the most evil man who ever existed’ has led me to read some amazing writings, as well as some very Jewish inspired polemics on a man whom I consider to be the greatest leader the White race has ever produced. It can be frustrating when researching an historical figure to consistently run into new assertions that belie the previous supposed affirmations. It unfortunately takes a great deal of time and effort to discern the truth about Adolf Hitler, but some of us have done it, and with my recommendations of essential readings pertaining to Hitler, I hope to make that task much easier for future investigators.

The Young Hitler I Knew was written by Adolf Hitler’s only childhood friend August Kubizek after World War II and was subsequently released in 1953. The book includes a written introduction by British historian Ian Kershaw, who is regarded as an authoritative academic on Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. I cannot corroborate this assertion, as the only thing I have ever read by the man was this introduction, nevertheless it remains a good introduction to this very important book. This book also includes a very insightful forward by the original publisher, as well as the introduction written by the author.

August Kubizek was a boy with an innate music gift who had the soul of an artist. In 1904 he made a very important acquaintance when he met Adolf Hitler while they were competing for standing room in the cheap section of the opera. Adolf Hitler also had the soul of an artist and through this love for the arts their friendship enjoyed a very strong bond that was to last for the next four years, as it continued to grow. In 1908 Kubizek and Hitler moved to Vienna to pursue the arts where they shared a room. Adolf Hitler did not get into art school, which soon became apparent to August Kubizek who was concurrently studying music, and was well on his way to making his passion become his livelihood. In 1908 the two friends separated with Hitler going his own way and August Kubizek being conscripted into the military. The following years were the darkest of Adolf Hitler’s life as he recounts in his seminal tome Mein Kampf.

To say this I only enjoyed this book is an understatement. This book was an amazing look into the childhood of our great German hero from a reliable source, who Hitler very much respected. In this book we learn about the love life of Adolf Hitler and his beloved Stefanie who ended up just being a symbol of the ideal German woman for him, as a relationship never came to fruition. In addition there is also a chapter dedicated to Adolf’s attitude to sex, which is eye-opening after reading countless Jewish lies on the subject. We get a good feel for what kind of world view the precocious Adolf Hitler had as a young man. It is also very interesting to hear his opinions on the arts, architecture and music.  We also learn much about the Hitler family tree, which also has been the subject of vicious Jewish lies. The author consistently refers back to Mein Kampf as source material to back up some of his affirmations.

This is an invaluable book that we can really learn a lot from. I imagine it is often difficult for some readers to discern the truth about Adolf Hitler in contrast to the contrived Jewish lies, which only have basis in the overactive imagination of the Jewish writers who put their bizarre thoughts down to paper, attempting not only to demonize this great man, but also to turn a profit. In doing so they are doing the two oldest Jewish tricks which happen to be lying and making a buck. If I could somehow put together a curriculum for a history class which delved into the topic of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, I would include this book in the required reading for all my pupils, along with Hitler Democrat by Gen. Leon Degrelle and obviously Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. I highly recommend this book to anyone out there who wants to get the true story of Adolf Hitler’s childhood. Do yourself a big favor by stepping away from the Jew box and read this book.

by Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer