The White Man’s Bible – Audiobook

The White Man’s Bible is finally in audio format! This is the sequel to Nature’s Eternal Religion, and spells out in detail the Racial Religion of Creativity – and the program of building a sound mind in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment. This book contains information on the Creativity plan for “Salubrious Living,” environmental protection, Articles for defense of the White Race, and much more.

Since the making of this audio book is still in progress, this page will be constantly updated. Check this page now and then to listen to new chapters.

Additional info will be also posted on the main page.

Note: To download each chapter, click on the title and then right click on the player to chose “Save Video”.


Creative Credo No.1 – Goals Of Creativity

Creative Credo No.2 – Never Again Through The Serpents Eyes

Creative Credo No.3 – Recognizing Your Enemies

Creative Credo No.4 – The Hoax Of Medicine

Creative Credo No.5 – Salubrious Living

Creative Credo No.6 – Frugivora

Creative Credo No.7 – Natural Nutrition

Creative Credo No.8 – Most Ailments Stem From Toxemia

Creative Credo No.9 – Fasting – Nature’s Most Effective Means of Restoring Health

Creative Credo No.10 – Sugar – The Most Damaging Narcotic in the History of Civilization

Creative Credo No.11 – The Medical-Drug-Chemical Complex

Creative Credo No.12 – Breaking the Bonds of Medical Tyranny

Creative Credo No.13 – A Sound Environment

Creative Credo No.14 – Recovering Our Precious Topsoil