The Little White Book by Ben Klassen and Victor Wolf

The Little White book (1991) is ostensibly a catechism of the Creativity religion and it has proven to be a very powerful recruiting tool for The Creativity Movement. This short pocket size booklet was a suggestion by a former pseudonymous Hasta Primus of the COTC Victor Wolf whom Ben Klassen entrusted with the task of putting this booklet together.  Victor Wolf was a dedicated Creator who had escaped a communist regime in his native Lithuania. Victor consequently ended up in America and landed a job as an accountant before finding his salvation in Creativity. Victor was instrumental in this project as well as in putting together a portfolio of prior Racial Loyalty issues, ensuring that they would not be lost to posterity. We should all be very indebted to Victor Wolf for his salient contributions.

This very concise booklet outlines the fundamental creed of Creativity, for the layman or casual reader, who is unlikely to read out extensive Holy Books namely Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible.
The Little White Book explains who we are and what we hope to accomplish in a world gone stark raving mad. This booklet also includes some pertinent articles that exemplify the writings of our founder and original Pontifex Maximus Ben Klassen. Also included are “sound bites” basically talking points or what is now commonly referred to as memes, which can be of use to our members.

This is a very nice booklet that runs in at 88 pages, very appropriately I might add. The Little White book should be referred to by Creators often, and handed out by our members to potential recruits. The only issue that I had with this current edition, is that it does not include the drawing of our first martyr Brian Kozel who was only 19 and was unfortunately shot down by a mestizo menace while distributing Creativity literature. Read this booklet and make it your duty to distribute it.

Michael Jeffrey