The Jewish Strategy by Revilo P. Oliver

Revilo P. Oliver was a brilliant man and an intellectual giant of our movement, who was a former professor of the classics at the University of Illinois. Oliver was an early member of the John Birch Society and wrote for the National Review. After leaving the John Birch Society citing their failure to identify where the sickness was coming from, he worked with Dr. William Luther Pierce in the early years of the National Alliance, and was also a contributor to the Institute for Historical Review, and Liberty Bell magazine.

From my understanding this posthumous book entitled The Jewish Strategy by Revilo P. Oliver was originally published in 2002 by Kevin Alfred Strom of the National Alliance and distributed by Palladian Books. This book is a compilation of articles written by Revilo P. Oliver over the years pertaining to ‘The Jewish Strategy’ similar to what Dr. Kevin Macdonald now proposes as an evolutionary strategy. This is a very short book that you can read very easily in a day or so, but it is packed with prudent assertions by Oliver.

This book tackles head on the predicament that we currently face living in a world under Jewish hegemony. The author was certainly a very highly gifted man with a prodigious aptitude for perceiving the problems with the world around him. This book contains theories and conjecture on the how and why the Jews do what they do, and why our people let them get away with it. As the author puts it; our people are handicapped with certain principles such as: victory is only obtainable through fair play, meanwhile the Jews sit back and laugh while they rob us blind. I thought it was very interesting to hear his take on the Jewish Christianity religion, that has been such a hindrance on our people for so long. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other books and articles by this author, I highly recommend it.

by Michael Jeffrey