Sugar Blues by William Dufty

Sugar Blues is a revolutionary heath book written by William Dufty in 1975. William Dufty had a career as a writer and newspaper columnist, who also had a keen interest for music and activism before his death in 2002. In the 1960s William Dufty’s life was changed when he met the actress Gloria Swanson who convinced him that white refined sugar was highly unsafe, and it was undoubtedly the source of much malaise in the average person’s  life and diet. The author consequently undertook the task of researching the detrimental effects that sugar has had on humans historically and heretofore.

I first became aware of this book a few years ago after reading The White Man’s Bible by Ben Klassen. Ben Klassen designated a chapter in his religious tome to sugar entitled Sugar – The Most Damaging Narcotic in the History of Civilization. I have always known that sugar was undoubtedly very unhealthy, but I was unaware of how deep the ramifications of prolonged sugar abuse could possibly go. I have for quite some time been experimenting with my sugar intake after reading the aforementioned chapter in Klassen’s book, but now after reading Sugar Blues, I am ready to make an full effort to expel this narcotic completely and utterly from my diet.

Make no mistake about it, asserting that white refined sugar is a narcotic is not a misnomer. Sugar is a very dangerous drug, that most humans living today are hooked on, and unwittingly go to their grave with a sugar dependency that most likely had begun shortly after birth, whether being from a bottle of formula, or from their own mother’s natural milk. Similar to heroin, tobacco, and alcohol, sugar is indeed a drug, and unfortunately it is very ubiquitous and generally accepted as being safe in all parts of the world, although that is not really the case. Sugar is in almost everything the average man or women picks up that is edible, whether that happens to be bread or virtually all cold beverages. There is even sugar in some unexpected products that many people indulge in such as cigarettes and cigars.

Sugar Blues is a very interesting book that delves into the autobiography of the author with some background information on how his sugar addiction had begun. This book also explores the history of sugar and how it initially made its way to the west. I was very interested to read about how sugar had directly contributed to the triangular slave trade. It was also interesting to learn about the dieasestablisment as the author calls it, and how they profit from the misery they have hoisted upon the unsuspecting population by unleashing a sugar addiction on them, and in turn how they profit from the so-called medicine for diabetes known as insulin, which is unnecessary if one observes the prerequisites for a healthy natural life.

This is a very interesting ground-breaking book on the subject of sugar and its undesirable effects. Sugar Blues is a very interesting book that will explain everything you need to know about this highly dangerous narcotic, that is most likely found all over your household kitchen. The author did a very good job explaining very succinctly what refined sugar is, how and why it is dangerous, and he gives insight on how to best kick the habit. I also enjoyed the sugar-free recipes the author included in the final chapter for the sugar-free neophyte. This is a very interesting book that can be of great benefit to our people. I was very impressed with this book and will be recommending it to friends and family for years to come.

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Michael Jeffrey