Expanding Creativity by Ben Klassen – Review

Expanding Creativity: An idea whose time has come

Expanding Creativity is the fourth full-length book written and published by the founder of the Church of the Creator and self proclaimed Pontifex Maximus: Ben Klassen. The book was originally published in 1985, at a pressing of 10.000 initially, if I remember correctly. This was the first COTC companion book, distinct from the three major Holy Books, being Nature’s Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible, and Salubrious Living.

In June of 1983, Ben Klassen set out on a new venture for his dynamic religious movement Creativity, and that entailed publishing a monthly periodical, which was called Racial Loyalty. Expanding Creativity is the first book that Ben Klassen published which consists of key articles and editorials originally published in the Racial Loyalty newsletter. After the publication of this book came several compilation books, including articles previously released under Racial Loyalty.

It was a very prudent decision by Ben Klassen to release these compilation books, by doing so he secured many invaluable articles for posterity, ensuring that they were not lost to obscurity for future generations. Expanding Creativity comprises columns from the first twelve issues i.e. documenting the first year of Racial Loyalty.

The articles included cover a vast array of topics, that delve into contentious issues such as race and religion. Also included is a chronological timeline of pertinent events in the COTC lifespan during 1980-1985. The timeline picks up where the foreword of The White Man’s Bible(1981) left off. Also included are very clever original aphorisms at the bottom of most articles.

This is overall a very well put together compilation of articles, which are highly informative and very entertaining. I am very glad Ben Klassen chose to use these books as a repository for these wonderful articles, which hopefully will never fade into the dustbin of history. The current edition is published by The Creativity Movement and my only complaint is the editing, there is a noticeable amount of grammatical errors, it could use some work. Nevertheless this is an interesting read that I encourage Creators and Non-Creators alike to check out.

by Michael Jeffrey

Racial Observer