Expanding Creativity by Ben Klassen, 1985

Creativity is an idea whose time has come. Expanding Creativity is a dynamic book – which is a collection of Ben Klassen’s editorials from the first 12 issues of Racial Loyalty newspaper.

Topics covered include Atheism, Christianity, White Racial Teamwork, the teachings of Adolf Hitler, Lessons from Egypt, our modern Racial Crisis, and much more! An invaluable collection of insightful articles.

Table of Contents

00. Foreword  

ISSUE No. 1 (June 1983)
A. Creativity. An idea whose time has come. Finally, a meaningful, comprehensive Racial Religion for the White Race.
B. White Racial Teamwork. Resolving the Conflict between the idea of unbridled Liberty and Freedom on the one hand, and Responsibility and Duty on the other.
C. The Flat Tire Syndrome. We Creators come up with solutions and answers, rather than merely recycling the problem endlessly.
D. The Christian Version of a Solution. A letter of ‘advice’ from a Christian and our answer to it.

ISSUE No. 2 (July 1983)
A. An American phenomenon. Creativity firmly rooted in American soil and tradition; not a foreign import.
B. What our logo stands for. 

ISSUE No. 3 (August 1983)
A. After 65 years. The Jewish Onslaught rages on. Violence against our Church.
B. We will not compromise. Our position remains firm.
C. Six Blind Men and the Elephant. Creativity puts the whole picture together.

ISSUE No. 4 (September 1983)
A. Fundamental differences. How Creativity differs from Hitler’s National Socialism. Eight issues clarified.
B. We are not Atheists, We are Creators. We reject the Christians derogatory name-calling, and take a positive stand on our own terms.
C. A School for Gifted Boys. The Beginning of a major step forward for Creativity.
D. Establishing a Format for the Continuity of the Church of the Creator. Procedures for transfer of Leadership.

ISSUE No. 5 (October 1983)
A. Our Greatest Need. Where do we start? Building a firm foundation for our White racial movement.
B. How About a Cupid’s Corner?
C. School for gifted boys. We need your support.
D. Come out of the closet, White Man! Your fear of the Jew is highly paranoid.

ISSUE No. 6 (November 1983)
A. Self Imposed Handicap. The idiotic impossibility of being a Jew-fighter and a Christian at the same time.
B. How to Steal a Wheelbarrow and other Valuables. How the Jew is stealing our most precious treasure – our genetic heritage.
C. Creativity School for Gifted Boys. An Historic Beginning.
D. An Analysis of Hitler’s Advice. How it applies to our own Creativity Movement.

ISSUE No. 7 (December 1983)
A. Fictitious Concepts. The world is run by cunningly implanted lies and false ideas. Few people are aware of them, and most people stupidly accept them without question.
B. What we can learn from the Master Organizer of All Time. An analysis of Hitler’s Chapter IX (Book II) “Propaganda and Organization” and how we can apply his advice to our own organization. 

ISSUE No. 8 (January 1984)
A. The Phony Fight Ruse. The Jewish Connection. A treacherous stratagem to ensnare the naive and the gullible. The Master Sneaks of all time have developed it into a deadly game.
B. Not likely a “Who.” Examining the ridiculous idea that the universe must be created and run by a set of spooks or spirits shaped in the form of a man.
C. Do you have any Rare, Old books?
D. Cupid’s Corner. 

ISSUE No. 9 (February 1984)
A. We are not helpless. The White Race is not even using 1 percent of its tremendous resources. Properly organized and harnessed, our potential is beyond comparison. Let us use our muscle.
B. The Day After. What is Christmas really all about?
C. Why the Need for a School for Gifted Boys is of extreme importance. 

ISSUE No. 10 (March 1984)
A. The search for the Great Promoter. He’s out there. It is our task to find him. We shall prevail.
B. A Polyglot Mind and a Polyglot Society. Who needs them? A searching analysis of the need for the White Race to polarize around its own racial religion. The crippling effect of Christianity as being the major roadblock in preventing the White Race in coming to grips with reality.
C. The School for Gifted Boys. Why the need is urgent.
D. Manual for Ordained Ministers. How to organize a church group of your own.
E. Every Creator a Reverend. The advantages of becoming an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Creator.
F. I am Honored (I think). Klassen listed in the Jewish handbook of most hated enemies.

ISSUE No. 11 (April 1984)
A. How to Utilize your Wealth Effectively. Making the most of our resources, which are tremendous. Follow your dream.
B. If it Works, go do thou likewise.
C. Lessons from Egypt as they Apply to the Present. Author’s report on a recent trip to that Ancient Land.  

ISSUE No. 12 (May 1984)
A. A Report from Today’s Egypt. The second part of the report from Egypt.
B. The Fine Art of Decision Making. Whether we like it or not, decisions have to be made constantly. Becoming an expert in the Art.
C. Do Something Meaningful for the White Race. Become an ordained Minister of the Church of the Creator. Organize your own church group.

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