Building a Whiter and Brighter World by Ben Klassen

Ben Klassen often contended that with the advent of his religious movement; Creativity, we have it all, the whole ball of wax. He also contended that we must all get over our own hubris i.e. excessive self-pride, and we must rally behind the banner of Creativity, as we work to worldwide victory in this Racial Holy Way, or RaHoWa. The focal point of his writings is that our biggest obstacle that we face is straightening out the confused brain scrambled  Jew-Induced thinking of our White Racial comrades. He asserted that after we do the aforementioned, then the battle is as good as over. After the White man is deprogrammed of his Judaized thinking, then everything else will be child’s play. I must say that I utterly agree with Mr. Klassen on these positions.

Building a Whiter and Brighter World is the fifth full-length book written by the founder and original Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen. This book is compiled from issues of the periodical Racial Loyalty put out by the former Church of the Creator(Now called The Creativity Movement). This is the second book of its type, the first being Expanding Creativity, which was composed of the first twelve issues of Racial Loyalty. Building a Whiter and Brighter World picks up right where Expanding Creativity left off with issues 13 through 28. Therefore, this is the second supplemental book that Ben Klassen put out, that is outside of the three main ‘Holy Books’ that compose the Creativity creed.

The book itself is dedicated to Mr. Klassen’s grandchildren, and he explains his hope that they and future progeny will not inherit a world full of chaos, terror, and degeneration.  He then provides an inspiring quote by an anonymous author detailing that the great changes in history are never achieved by the masses, they are in fact done by small groups committed to a cause. This is followed up by an authors forward, and a section in which he enumerates the 20 fundamental points of the Creativity creed and program.

After that, we get to the bulk of the book which happens to be the Racial Loyalty articles, all written by Ben Klassen himself. I think this was a very prudent idea of Mr. Klassen in that he secured these articles for posterity, that otherwise may have been lost, or for that matter, would have had a much smaller future readership. Nevertheless, with the sagacious wisdom of publishing these books, I am reviewing them 30 years later. So we can come to the conclusion that his plan worked. Ben Klassen was a very gifted writer and I very much enjoy reading his articles. In this book he included an aggregate of very pertinent articles for our people that touch on the topics of race, environmental concerns, and last but not least the need for the Creativity movement. He also includes some articles on comparative religions, where he gives a brief history of each religion, and subsequently outlines the differences between the former religion and Creativity, which proves for some very interesting reading.

I really enjoyed this book and I am very glad that Mr. Klassen decided to publish these articles in book form. The conclusions that he drew 30 years ago are almost all just as true then as they are today. Some articles are a bit dated, when he speculates on the state of the world at the turn of the millennium, but nonetheless they are of great value. I must say I enjoyed this book more than Expanding Creativity, perhaps his skill for writing articles was more finely tuned after the first year of writing articles for Racial Loyalty. I am not certain of this, although all of his articles and writings remain timeless to me. I will have to see how RaHoWa: This Planet is all Ours stacks up next to this book. The aforementioned book is the follow up book, which picks up where Building a Whiter and Brighter World left off with issue 28 of Racial Loyalty. I recommend this book, as I recommend all of Ben Klassen’s books. And I very much look forward to reading the next book, as I eagerly work my way through all the writings of Ben Klassen.


by Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer