Building a Whiter and Brighter World by Ben Klassen, 1986

Building a Whiter and Brighter World continues where Expanding Creativity left off, including lead editorials from issues 13 through 26 of Racial Loyalty. Topics include Born Again Christians, Odinism, General Custer’s Last Stand, Protocol for World Conquest, Environmentalism, and much more! A must read for every White person.



Creativity, Creed and Program. Twenty points in capsule form. 

Issue No. 13
A. Let us Make Hay while The Sun Shines. Let us learn our lesson. There will never be a better time than now for us to get our act together. 
B. The School for Gifted Boys is becoming a Reality. A year of Building the Creativity Movement. We have reached a Landmark. 

Issue No. 14 
A. Dispersion and Polarization. We need both for Survival. 
B. A Two Way Benefit. A Haven for your assets and a help for the movement at the same time. 

Issue No. 15
A. Who’s Trying to Save What & Whom – Precisely. A Comprehensive and realistic survey of the situation as it exists to date, by carefully sorting out the pretenders, the friends and the enemies of the White Race. 
B. Creativity Unique. Not a rehash of the Nazi Philosophy.

Issue No. 16
A. Point of No Return. We have already passed one point of No Return. Whether we can survive the second point remains to be seen. 
B. Vas you dere, Charlie? An exchange with a Born again Boob. 

Issue No. 17
A. Knocking the Key Weapon from out of the Enemy’s Hands. Let us realize our Tremendous Potential and Utilize our Weapons to the Utmost. 
B. How to Overcome the Real Haters. 
C. What a friend we have in Jesus.
D. Our Autistic World. The supreme Importance of being able to distinguish Reality and Fantasy.

Issue No. 18 
A. Selection of Racial Terms Deliberate. We have good and sufficient reasons to choose the racial terms we deem most appropriate. 
B. Odinism: A Rising Phoenix or a Dead Horse? An exchange of letters with Liberty Bell magazine. 

Issue No. 19 
A. The era of the Political Parties is over. For the White Race Jewish democracy has been an Unmitigated Disaster.

Issue No. 20 
A. The Time has come for the White Race to establish its own Pole Star. There is a fierce and as yet unresolved battle of ideas going on for the possession of men’s minds. In order to survive, the White Race must polarize its own goals.

Issue No. 21 
A. Custer’s Last Stand. The White Race is being pushed into its last stand. Whether it will end in a feeble whimper or a heroic confrontation remains to be seen. Confrontation now – the sooner the better. 
B. School for Gifted Boys – A Progress Report
C. Critique of a Critique. 

Issue No. 22
A. Expanding a Proliferating the Misery. 
B. Today’s Martyrs and Heroes of the White Race. 

Issue No. 23
A. The Death of Nature’s Finest or the Rebirth of a New Era? Mankind at a Crossroads. 
B. Protocol for World Conquest, 1956. Confidential Notice to all Jews. 
C. Financial Collapse Imminent? 
D. Aloha to you, too, Kamaaina! An Eyewitness Report from the Hawaiian Islands. Race mixing and miscegenation rampant in one of Nature’s most scenic Tropical Paradises. 

Issue No. 24 
A. Our Race is our Religion. God, Country, the Flag and the Constitution not the Issue nor the Solution. Where does YOUR First Loyalty Lie? 
B. Comparative Religions – Part I. Objectives of Our Comparative Series. Mohammedanism. 
C. Mohammedanism vs. Creativity – A Comparison.
D. More About Mohammedanism.
E. Physician, Heal Thyself. The Anatomy of a Kosher Konservative. Treachery Recalled. 

Issue No. 25 
A. Arouse the Slumbering Giant. We have the means. Informed, Aroused and Organized, the White Race is overwhelmingly the most powerful force on the face of the earth. 
B. Comparative Religions – Part II Judaism 
C. Judaism vs. Creativity – A Comparison 
D. Amadeus, you wuz robbed! 

Issue No. 26
A. Saving our Precious Planet from becoming a Chemical Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty. 
B. Comparative Religions – Part III. Christianity. The Spooks in the Sky Swindle finds its ultimate manifestation in Jewish Christianity. 
C. Christianity vs. Creativity – A Comparison. 
D. Israel, A Parasitic Nation. After 5000 years, still unable to either sustain or govern itself. 

Issue No. 27
A. The Festering Ulcer on the Soft Underbelly of the United States. It is 2000 miles long and could prove fatal. It is spelled Mexico. 
B. The Camel in the Tent. 
C. Comparative Religions – Part IV. Roman Catholicism 
D. Roman Catholicism vs. Creativity – A Comparison 
E. Saving our Precious Planet from becoming a Poisonous Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty – Part II: Nuclear Pollution. 

Issue No. 28
A. The Black Tide and the Mud Flood are upon us. The Jewish goal is to drive all the Whites out of Africa, and finally from the Planet Earth. South Africa – the last to go. 


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