Against The Evil Tide by Ben Klassen

On February 20, 1918 in Rudnerwiede, Ukraine a child was born to the parents: Bernhard Kornelius Klassen and Susanna Penner. That child was the eventual founder of our great church– Ben Klassen. Ben Klassen was born into a Mennonite family of German ancestry, right in the midst of the tumultuous Jewish Bolshevik revolution. His family escaped the Jewish-led tyranny, that they were facing in the Ukraine, and ended up in a Mennonite colony in Mexico. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to the wheat farming country of Saskatchewan, Canada. It was here that Ben Klassen remained as he came of age, until he emigrated to the United States in 1945. It was here where he had his auspicious beginning that would eventually lead him to fulfilling his purpose in life.

Many people have heard of the Creativity movement and Ben Klassen, but few people know the story behind the man who started that movement from the ground up. Against The Evil Tide fills this void and it gives us a window into the life of the man who sacrificed so much to secure a Whiter and brighter future for our race. This book was originally released in 1991, and it was the twelfth Creativity book released by Ben Klassen, and one of the most important books that he published in his lifetime. This book was a major contribution to the Creativity movement, and hopefully someday will be studied by many of our people when we ultimately win.

On November 22, 1946 Ben Klassen was married to Henrietta McWilliams and she stayed by his side until her unfortunate death in the early 90’s. The couple only hadone child (Anita Kim, born 1951). Ben Klassen was a school teacher, inventor, electrical engineer, real estate agent, land developer, politician, author, religious leader, and racial activist. He invented an early model wall-mounted electric can opener and subsequently patented it. He was subsequently involved in the distribution and marketing  of that appliance. He shortly lived the retired life, but then got back into what he knew, namely real estate. The Klassen family had a few domiciles during their tenure and did much vacationing that is detailed in this tome.

In the latter part of Klassen’s life he became immensely interested in politics as he saw his country ‘going to hell in a hand basket’. Klassen decided to try his hand at politics. He was briefly elected as a state representative in the Florida legislature in the late 60’s. In 1968 he worked for George Wallace’s presidential campaign and became Florida state chairman of the American Independent Party (AIP). During this time throughout the 60’s he was an active member of the John Birch Society. He ran a local chapter and opened his own bookstore to sell right-wing literature and show films for the birch society. Klassen eventually became disenchanted with the birch society when he discovered that they were avoiding the Jewish question, and in turn running interference for the Jews. He then made an arduous search for a viable political group that would address the Jewish question, but to no avail. He met with many groups and met many interesting people, but he felt no one had the full answer to our plight.

Klassen had now tried his hand at heading his own group. After a few failed attempts, Klassen began toying with the idea of a White Racial religion to counterbalance the Judaism of the Jews. He subsequently wrote his seminal debut book entitled Nature’s Eternal Relgion. With the first book in a long series of future books published he began The Creativity Movement in 1973. He then worked the rest of his life aggressively promoting his four-dimensional White racial religion, namely Creativity as the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed to our problem that we are unfortunately still facing. Ben Klassen dedicated his life after writing this first book to saving our race and in this area he made immense progress. With his passing in 1993 the church almost died, until 1996 when Matt Hale picked up the torch. Now with Matt Hale in prison, Creativity is still moving along, thanks to the advent of the internet. I wholly agree with Ben Klassen that Creativity is the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. In the future I see a time when our posterity are looking back on Ben Klassen, Matt Hale, and all the other great people who kept the fight alive back during the great struggle when our precious White Race almost perished…but in the end we won.


Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer