Patriot Act: A Novel of Resistance by D.A. Hänks

Patriot Act: A Novel of Resistance (2004) is a White Nationalist novel, written by  D.A. Hänks; this was the first novel written by the author, the second one being, Green Day- A Novel of U.N. Totalitarian control (2006). The author’s first effort at publishing a book was The Workbench AR15 Project: A Step By Step Guide To Building Your Own Legal AR15 Without Paperwork (2004). The two novels were published by the now defunct Patriot Publications; although, Patriot Act is currently available in paperback through Racial Observer Books.

Patriot Act tells the story of Doug “Snark” Hauser, and details his political awakening to the source of the malaise we all perceive, that is so evident in our current society. The novel starts out when Snark was just a teenager at the turn of the millennium, as he witnesses the 9/11 terrorist attacks and grows up in a country with an increasingly over-bearing government. In the first few pages, the protagonist gets into a confrontation involving the local sheriff, and from that day forward his life is forever changed. He develops a reverence for law-enforcement and subsequently becomes a police officer. Snark always wanted to do the right thing, but it gets harder and harder when he must enforce the programs of a tyrannical Zionist-Occupied government, with laws in which he does not believe.

Later in the novel we are introduced to Sallee Schoenbraun, whom our hero Snark ends up saving after she gets in a terrible car accident; she is hit by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve, while on her way to her parents’ home from college. For years Snark and Sallee remember that fateful day, until a miracle happens and they are once again reunited; it almost seems like divine intervention.  Snark and Sallee go on a date and consequently become an item. We then go on a thrilling ride as our protagonist tries to save our country while there is still hope.

The first half of the book is predominately backstory that lays the groundwork for the novel and the second half is non-stop action. The novel spans over the first three decades of the twenty-first century. The story intertwines through the lives of several key characters as they grow older and more aware of the problems they face. You will want to pay close attention to the characters as they will reappear later in the story; together they help lay the groundwork for a White Nationalist revolution. The author clearly has a vast knowledge of guns, ammo, and improvised explosives; he is clearly very well-versed on an array of subjects and it comes through clearly in his prose.

The novel derives its name from the 2001 act of congress—The Patriot Act. In 2005 we see the implications of the act not sunsetting, as we are taking down a slippery slope of government tyranny in this page-turning novel. This fictional book shows us the dark future that may be in store for us, if we do not stand up like patriots and restore this once great country to the people who made it great in the first place.  Fans of The Turner Diaries and Serpent’s Walk will love this novel; this is a book for White Nationalists, gun enthusiasts, as well as your average red-blooded American patriot.

I just hope for our sake, we don’t one day have a President Rosenbaum.

Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer