Women Must Value Their Fertility


The question of family size and its implications for our race is a huge topic.  Far too big a topic to cover in one blog post.

Let’s consider one aspect briefly – and that is our society’s changing expectations and behaviour in terms of child bearing.

Before the advent of contraception – one of those wonderful (I am being sarcastic) gifts to the world from Jewish scientists – a White woman on average had about 8 children in her lifetime.  Rarely indeed would any of them be mixed race.

As we all know by now, the current birth rate of White women having White children is approximately at an average of one (with an official replacement rate being needed of 2.1) by now.  One White child per White woman.  And since this is not at all evenly distributed  it means roughly half of White women are not having any White offspring at all, especially the most well educated.  They are either producing non-Whites or nothing.  And other White women are producing much-needed broods of White children, enough to make it that our race is currently halving with each generation.

  • One in five UK women will not have children, many by choice
  • Among female graduates, this rises to one in three according to some studies


Last year in Britain the government decided that these women who were having more than two children would have to be strongly deterred.  So child benefits have been stopped for any more than two children.  That will certainly reduce the number of White children until such time as there are enough families that would be prepared to suffer any amount of poverty and “shaming” in order to do the right thing.  It will be hard, but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

In the past when there was Victorian style poverty at least we wouldn’t have the state trying to take kids into “care” as they would probably try to now if parents seem to be struggling to find room for them or end up using a food bank from time to time, and at least there were jobs available to all the fathers, while now the immigrants can take most of the jobs and work for a wage that sustains only an individual.  Plus the childless women in the workforce depriving fathers of work and driving down wages as well.

Social expectations are lagging behind this – partly because people are unable to mentally process the facts of the dilemma.  This is why the Daily Mail article this week about a woman who has wanted to be sterilised since childhood, refers to women not wanting babies as “one of the last taboos“.

Link to Daily Mail

It may well be that women who go about proclaiming they never want a child are regarded with disgust, but the media heaps more disgust on those who have big families. The taboo is applied to having a good size family, which is now regarded as being “selfish”, while being an individualist who needs no social support is regarded as not being selfish and encouraged – even when that individual cares nothing for the future of the society – only their success in their isolated bubble of competitiveness.

Many people who are on “the right wing” – “conservatives” etc are part of this nasty anti-social group that feel that anyone else’s child takes from their taxes and are even less inclined to have offspring that would cramp their style even more.

We Creators are not “right wing” and we proudly proclaim that we are Racial Socialists.  We believe in the collective racial and societal good of the White Race.  We say that we must obey the Golden Rule of Creativity “What is Good for the White Race is the Highest Virtue, and what is Bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin“.  So there has to be an attitude of give and take where we support the expansion of our race and encourage our women to have as many healthy White children as they can, as Nature intends, and for our men to help the women in this noble endeavor to the best of their abilities.

The demographic trend is disheartening, but it can be reversed.  The reversal will happen when the presently small number of White families that have the genetic trait of having a high fertility and love of children slowly grows to become the new norm.  Let the defectives who lack such instinct die off.  Such is the process of Natural Selection.  We can evolve an upgraded White Race with the health, the will and the strength to repopulate.

Coming together with the uncompromising love from the Church of Creativity we will support each other and we will avoid the fate of those who are sleepwalking into darkness and despair.

The future will be a Whiter and Brighter world.


by rev. Jane

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