Why We Are Not Loyal To Nature



A common misconception made about Creativity and Creators is that we worship the White Race.

Another misconception is that adherents to our faith worship Nature and we are loyal to Nature.

This article helps to give a flavour of what our religion, Creativity, is all about.

We discuss why we do not worship anything and why we are loyal only to the White Race.

Nature does not give a damn.

The White Race is Nature’s Finest Creation, but Nature is dispassionate about whether we fail or succeed as a race.

Creators are loyal to the White Race.

Nature is not loyal to the White Race.

We are the equivalent of an experiment.

Nature, as far as we understand, is not a thinking entity.

As our Founder Ben Klassen described it: ‘Nature is the whole cosmos, the total universe, including its millions of natural laws through space and time.’ –Nature’s Eternal Religion

Ben Klassen emphasised in the chapter entitled ‘Your Loyalty, a Sacred Trust‘ that our loyalty must be to the White Race.

At no point did he make any suggestion that we should attempt some kind of loyalty towards Nature.

Our religion, Creativity, is based upon the laws of Nature, because these laws are simply the methods to survive as a race.

These laws show how not to be devastated by our enemies and how we have to think about survival if we want to go on to achieve anything.

Survival is the very epitome of a natural instinct and could never be unnatural.

However, artificial methods, such as some of the various inventions our race has come up with, may in some cases give a race the edge in this competition.

Of course there are other artificial means we have invented that can help us survive – not just weapons.

I only give weapons as one example.

To suggest that only natural and non-artificial methods should be used in order to follow the basic rules governing survival would be a ‘naturalistic fallacy’.

Saying that we can get an idea of how to survive by viewing how species survive and prosper in the natural world is not remotely a naturalistic fallacy, since it is the same as studying how to survive by getting tips from that which has survived.

Where else would one look to get some idea on how to proceed?

The various weapons humanity has developed in an arms race are ‘artificial’ and yet they fall in with our aims of survival as they help defeat our enemies competing to out-survive us.

There we have something artificial, but fitting in with the law of Nature to compete with rivals.

Our rivals use ideas to send us in the opposite direction to that implied by studying the laws of Nature.

They encourage the ideas that characterise the present politically correct culture, and were stated so clearly and directly in the suicidal ‘Sermon on the Mount.’

Christianity, as we know, was designed by Jews to confuse and destroy the Romans and which continues to turn White people away from the only real salvation to this day.

‘Love your enemies,’ ‘do good to those who wish to harm you,’ ‘help strangers in need rather than friends and family’, etc..

The more ‘right wing’ attitude that may reject these beatitudes of racial suicide instead focus on a purely self-centred individualism.

Individualism that competes with every other individual is just as harmful and also promoted in this degenerate anti-White culture.

These unnatural ideas cause the competitors to survive and not those who practice them.

We base our religion not on Nature’s laws being ‘good’ as such, but on functionality.

If we want to catch a ball that someone throws to us we need to understand that we are not best going to do that by closing our eyes and running around the corner to kick a policeman.

We would stand watching the ball and observing its trajectory with the knowledge that it would go up and then come down.

We don’t need to be ‘loyal’ to Nature’s laws governing motion or to gravity in order to use our understanding of those laws.

It is a natural fact that there is competition between species and races. This is part of evolution.

You can use any means to win this competition that Nature has made inevitable.

You can’t erase the fact of the competition and that there will be losers whose race or species goes extinct and winners who survive.

Eventually those winners will give way to their own descendants that become different to them but are directly evolved from them.

We have to observe Nature’s laws to understand that it is best our descendants are equipped with the mental and physical attributes that will lead not only to their survival (something even bacteria and rats are better at than we are) but also to something better and more glorious.

A future not of brutality and suffering, but of beauty and scientific endeavour.

There is nothing inevitable about ‘progress’ in evolutionary terms.

If the more advanced species mess up – then life on this planet can revert to whatever remains that manages to scrape an existence.

‘Nature is completely impartial as to which species survives, each being on its own, in the hostile face of all others.’ –Nature’s Eternal Religion

‘Each species is completely indifferent to the survival of any other species, and Nature tells each species to expand and multiply to the limit of its abilities. Love and tenderness are reserved exclusively to its own kind.’ –Nature’s Eternal Religion

Survival as a species is the focus of our observation when learning from examples in Nature, and deciding how to give meaning to our existence.

Other laws of Nature do not concern us as strongly as those that govern survival of a species.

The White Race is the only race that really cares about objective science for its own sake.

We celebrate this mental capacity in our race, and regard this thirst for knowledge of the universe as being part of our role in a racial and religious sense.

Let us consider the implications of suggesting that one should be ‘loyal to Nature’.

One aspect of this is the misunderstanding of what ‘loyalty’ entails.

The impression is given that ‘Nature’ is pretty much interchangeable with one of the ‘spooks in the sky’ that Creators fully reject.

It has happened many times that inferior minds have taken a scientific concept, or a clear logical concept, and due to their primitive urges endowed that concept with superstition.

What began as a sound observation has been twisted into a ritualistic riddle of mumbo jumbo.

An example of this is the Cargo Cult that sprang up in Melanesia among natives.

These jungle primitives, in awe at the sight of aeroplanes landing, tried to make some religious hocus-pocus out it.

This happened as early as the 1940s. (Look up ‘Cargo Cult’ and ‘John Frum cult’ for more information on this.)

All of this is a case of the imbuing of an idea with increasingly wild primitive mumbo jumbo.

Nature is not a stand-in for a god or spook in the Creativity religion.

Sometimes we may use language to anthropomorphise Nature, such as ‘Nature wants us to be discriminating,’ etc..

In no way do we actually endow Nature with any mind or will at all.

It is just an easy way to make a point about how discrimination is natural and helps us to survive.

Loyalty as a concept entails sticking with someone or something when times are good and times are hard.

A reciprocation or appreciation of that loyalty is often expected – even in a supernatural way if applied to loyalty to a fictitious god.

Loyalty is a sacrifice because it means putting the needs of another before your own needs at times.

Sometimes this could be to someone or something that doesn’t know you are doing this.

In that situation you do it because the object of your loyalty needs your effort in some way – a baby being one perfectly reasonable example.

In the above case you may not even care to be repaid in any way for that loyalty.

If someone believes in some force like a god they might imagine their loyalty will make a difference.

With our scientific understanding of what ‘Nature’ actually means – ‘the whole cosmos, the total universe, including its millions of natural laws through space and time‘ – there is nothing there to be loyal to.

We observe and we use Nature’s laws to do what is best for the White Race, which is where our loyalty lies.

Nor do Creators worship the White Race. We do not worship anything. Worshiping is not rational and not clear-headed.

Nature is not a thing that can remotely be helped or influenced by a particular species of animal having some kind of religious and ritualistic ‘loyalty’ towards it.

The idea would be just as plain silly and on the same level of the Cargo Cult and heading downwards.

Creators religiously apply our understanding of the meaning of life, as observed from Nature, and our religion is like a road-map telling us how the land lies.

When you read a road map to navigate somewhere you wouldn’t say you are giving the piece of paper your ‘loyalty’.

Nature does not care if all humanity or even all life on Earth goes extinct. Nature has no mind to care.

To entertain the concept of loyalty to Nature is pure fantasy and an affront to our religious beliefs.

In closing, we look to Nature to reveal the rules of life. We play by those rules by being loyal to our own kind, the White Race.

~Rev Jane