When Good Advice is Not Heeded

Tragically, here in Britain, a few racially loyal young men have recently been imprisoned with unfairly harsh sentences in order to fulfil a need to prove there are White terrorist groups, not just Islamic ones. A blatant attempt by the anti-White establishment to placate muslims. Fortunately many ordinary people see through this disgraceful nonsense.

The lads, who were ‘convicted’ of being members of a proscribed group, walked right into a trap. One of them, Jack Andrew Renshaw,  actually admitted to a bizarre and foolish charge involving planning to murder an MP, for which it is understandable that the expected sentence would be a long one. The others, however, appear to have been incriminated of simply being members of a banned (and almost entirely fictitious) organisation.

Once this loose association of disgruntled lads was officially banned it was clearly not sensible to continue with it, under any guise whatsoever. That being said, sentences of around 8 years, such as Matt Hankinson received, just for simply being found to be a member of a group (although there was no membership list, no real binding ideology and no acts of ‘terror’ committed) is nothing but political persecution.  Rapists and murderers get far less punishment in the crazy madhouse that is 2018 Britain.

Since Creators in Britain travel around attempting to persuade other pro-White people to convert to our religion, we inevitably come into contact with some of the people involved with the mentioned loose association of lads with a penchant for ‘edgelord’ stunts.

It was the impression of Creators that the original mission statement of this loose association was simply to be controversial, to behave like ‘edgelords’. This could be a tactic that would attract silly young people as it would simply be seen as a bit of exciting rebellion.

Some of the advice we gave these (we hope) well meaning young lads was to be more sensible, avoid and shun any idiotic talk of violent action, be very careful what language to use in public, as well as to eschew belief in any gods in favour of our anti-spooks-in-the-sky, level headed creed.

We explained that courting violent reactions from the ‘left,’ etc., with slogans such as ‘good night left side,’ etc., would not win over normal members of the public.  In any case, we Creators do not regard ourselves as being right wing, let alone ‘far right’ or ‘fascist’.  Far from it. Creativity is a peaceful, progressive religion advocating racial socialism. White people looking out for their own best interests. All you have to do is be PRO-WHITE, strive to better yourself and bring out the potential in your fellow White people.

The masks and balaclavas donned by this loose association were designed to make them look like terrorists. All for fun. No doubt the wearers felt that they could easily defend themselves in what they considered the very unlikely event of being hauled to court to explain it.

The masks could never be endearing to normal people, but only to ‘LARPers’ (Live Action Role Play) and to some men who really would like to join in with violence for the sake of violence. We Creators STRONGLY advised against the wearing of these hideous ‘gimp masks’ then and do so just as strongly today.

A Finnish man named Kai Murros has done the rounds among White ‘nationalist’ types, and advocates courting a somewhat sado-masocistic image of pornographic violence, in which ideology only plays a secondary part.  As if things couldn’t get any sadder, the diminutive Murros cited ‘A Clockwork Orange’ as influence. Murros is given far too much credit for being an idealist when he is nothing of the sort.  People imagine Murros to be someone who actually cares about the White Race, when the evidence is entirely lacking.

The impressionable lads that made up the loose association of hotheads tended to think of Murros as pro-White, although maybe it is wishful thinking to regard most of their own supporters as being driven by any love of our race, although certainly some of them really do care. The imagery and activism was not helpful unfortunately.

Clearly the advice of Creators fell on deaf ears. Others who prefer to call themselves ‘nationalists’ who are likewise pro-White had also tried to warn some of these impetuous lads to be measured in their rhetoric and not to simply try to be as outrageous and shocking as possible. For example, such as in making silly statements regarding an MP (Member of Parliament) who was killed by a deranged lunatic, care in the community case, without any affiliation to any current pro-White organisation or pro-White people we have ever met or know of.

To suggest that there was anything heroic about this man’s violent acts could never be conducive to good public presentation of the argument for Brexit.  But everything was fun, games and ‘dank memes’ for the young men mentioned in this unfortunate tale. Until, that is, the unprecedented convictions that surely must have come as a shock to all of them. Other than perhaps the one for whom death threats were taken more seriously than bravado and beer talk.

What seems to have happened is that a culture of bravado led to some of the daft young lads trying to impress the others with ill-thought-out drunken schemes. That was all it would take for the spy in their midst to find cause to have them arrested and conveniently paraded as evil ‘White Terrorists’.

Sad, sad situation. If only words of wisdom had been heeded, none of this drama would have happened.

~Rev. Jane