Welcome to the Dark Side

Thoughts on the recent events in Charlottesville

In the wake of the recent Charlottesville rally, there has been, as expected a lot of backlash, trolling, opinions etc. To the point of complete over-saturation.

I have some strong opinions as well, not only about the rally and purpose itself. But about the ramifications and backlash that will follow.

Many who don’t know me, people new to the pro-White movement, will simply disregard my opinion. Especially as everyone with a keyboard, camera, smartphone are voicing theirs (once again over-saturation).

That is your right to disregard, but I hope you read and truly listen.

Rallying tactics

In my 20 plus years in this Movement, I have been a part of many similar rallies. To the tune of over four dozen, especially in the years between 2001 and 2006.

Of course they were more prevalent back in those days. Believe it or not there was more violence between us and anti-white scum than what we saw in Charlottesville.

I even remember in York, PA, where there was an instance of a Hammerskin ploughing over many Antifa with his truck after they surrounded him.

I’ve been at rallies where the police used us as a tool to provoke the anti-White Antifa. Driving us right into their mobs. Nothing new. Of course, after we laid waste to the enemy, the police came in and regained order. There were stabbings, assaults, mob violence, etc. But one of the big differences was that people didn’t have a smartphone with a camera and few had the ability to record the events.

In Schaumburg, IL, Matt Hale’s brother filmed the violence outside between us with an old video camera, only to have it confiscated by the police.

For those that remember the infamous Peoria library brawl, the police simply left the doors wide open for the Antifa to charge in, of course once again after we laid waste to them. Then they came in to do their jobs.

I could tell you countless stories, some of which many wouldn’t believe as they weren’t there and there isn’t a YouTube video showing most of these events.

Of course, most of our organization (WCOTC at the time) were much different than other organizations. We did street demos with no police presence and we used public library conference rooms to hold speeches.

This meaning the police could not regulate who came and went. Instead of the antis being behind police barricades and having the ability to gather the strength in mob form. They instead had to file in alongside us and sit next to us. Essentially nullifying their power in numbers.

Our street demos were very simple. We would pick a street corner, on the busiest intersection. As you don’t need a permit to meet on a public sidewalk, the only thing you have to do is alert the local authorities that you will be out there, so you don’t get a “impeding traffic” ticket.

But you don’t have to tell them who you are. In many instances we told them we were Jehovah’s Witnesses handing out “Watchtower” flyers. Sure, they were pissed when they found out otherwise, but there was nothing they could do. This was done without alerting Antifa or any other anti-White scum.

If we desired media attention we would put in an anonymous “tip” to the local news an hour before the demonstration.

Therefore the Antifa wouldn’t have time to gather their forces and the hostile anti-White media wouldn’t have a chance to do research and create a negative narrative on us. Trust me, this was efficient and effective for the type of activism we were doing at the time.

Now, we attended many other rallies organized by other pro-White organizations, very similar to that of Charlottesville. Klan rallies, rallies of a certain National Socialist group I won’t mention, the National Alliance, Skinhead groups, etc.

Most of which all had the same theme and problems: police barricades, alerts to the lying anti-White media and Antifa months in advance of the event taking place. All of this simply led to giving our enemies the power.

What were we expecting? Our message of White racialism or nationalism to be projected from their platform, in the way we want, when they are our enemy? Yet we essentially gave these evil people all the power. Talk about complete insanity.

On top of all this, one of my biggest pet peeves is absolutely no logistics, coordination or counter-intelligence from our side.

That is one of my biggest criticisms of this recent event in Charlottesville. I wasn’t there so I don’t have all the details and its easy to judge from the outside.

However, let me give the reader a few little things that could have been done differently.

Useful advices

For starters, let me say, I wouldn’t do this type of rally anymore. I base it on experience that it produces more negative outcomes than positive.

But for starters, firstly it would be wise to have a sit down meeting with all leaders of participating groups. Have a contingency plan of times, places to meet, etc. Make sure you have a backup plan for when things go awry, as they usually do.

Rendezvous away from where you plan to hold the rally or demonstration. This is where you would give your speeches.

What is the point of giving a speech to a bunch of degenerate Antifa and ‘Black Lives Matter’ scum, about the importance of keeping a confederate monument in place??? Even if the local politicians were present, they will not listen because they are completely swayed by political correctness.

The “understanding” public won’t come out because of the obvious threat violence posed by the opposition.

So essentially you will only be speaking to those who’ve come to support, so why not do it on a private setting, safe and secure, where you have the ability to speak, but to also interact with each other?

Once you do the actual protest, have it organized by YOUR people, not the police. Sure, you’ll have to follow their commands, but do so or not, as a solidified group. All commanded down from the main organizer to coordinating leaders of each group.

Put in place counter-intelligence among the opposition. With all the young kids, find one who you can “punk up”, dress up to intermingle with the crowd. That way if any major moves are to be made he would hear about it and text to his superiors on the other side.

This presents the ability to hinder setups and attacks. Perhaps even disseminate disinformation on the other side as well. This also gives the ability to gain intelligence on who is organizing on their side – names, groups, etc.

Do not think for a minute that they do not do it to us. Among that crowd of “white nationalists” in Charlottesville, our enemies, both law enforcement and Antis, had informants. More than likely more then a dozen. All feeding info back to their superiors.

We claim to be “superior” but yet do not pertain the ability to perform these common logistical things. Sad. Hence one of the reasons I don’t participate in these rallies.

These are just a few things of many I would change. But like I said, I did do these type of rallies, but I do not participate in them any longer. I just hope those who do participate in these demonstrations take this simple advice.

I would prefer that the time, money and effort all those people spent be used for something more productive. More productive than ugly confrontation, agitation and horrible media attention.

If you want to “unite the right,” do so by more positive outreach with other people. And instead of “unite the right,” how about “unite the WHITES”?

Condescending attitudes, unnecessary competition with one another, personal egos and resentment is just a few things that cause division between us. If you want to cross lines and properly unite our efforts you don’t do it in front of our enemies, until relationships are built to secure proper coordination.

But I’m done bitching about that. What’s done is done. I hope this is a lesson learned. I sincerely hope you people STOP trusting the police!

There are many more things I want to say with regards to this subject on rallies and better tactics/plans. But I’ll move on.

Positive outcome from Charlottesville

I want to talk about the only good thing I see out of all this. Which is the fact that now many of those people who were middle of the road, on the issue of pro-White racialism. Many of those “alt-right” people just got catapulted over the fence to our side.

No matter how they changed the approach, their message, their image the media labelled and attacked them all in the same way many of us are used to.

I feel a little like Darth Vader telling them, “Luke, come to the dark side”. Hence the title of this article. Before I go into that, however, let me first mention that the media had this whole thing scripted. The narrative was already written.

It shows how clearly prepared they were. Not for every little thing but it was apparent they knew this fiasco and chaos was going to happen and they were more then prepared.

I recall watching Fox News on Saturday during the event. They brought in a new host, who I’ve never seen before. I watch Fox News exclusively (or at least I did) so I know this wasn’t a regular host. This was on purpose.

They knew they were going to go very anti-white and didn’t want to alienate their normal host’s so they brought in a clearly leftist woman, who was expendable.

She brought on Mark Levine for most of the coverage, an open anti-White Zionist and paired him up with a republican anti-Trumper to deliver the “white people are evil” message. At times saying exactly that.

It’s almost like they knew in advance what the police were ordered to do. I am not saying that’s a conspiracy because it was very obvious.

I will tell you why. In the last year, pressure has been put on the Antifa more than any other time in history. At least from what I have seen.


The Antifa were close to being considered a “domestic terrorist” group. (Welcome to the club! I was listed as a “domestic terrorist” way back in 2004!) Public pressure was on the government to put a stop to these lunatics. Same thing with the more recent “Black Lives Matter” maniacs.

This being the case even considering all the multi-millions spent by Zionist individuals and groups to fund them. Such people as Soros and Rothschild and the Bilderbergers, who funded the Obama and Clinton legacy, still do.

They weren’t going to lose that, so I am sure they utilized all the power and influence they had to completely change the narrative. To flip the public opinion from one way to the other and focus attention back on those “evil white racists”. But I digress.

The impact that this local event had and the underlying issues that will follow, will only truly be tested by time. However certain things are a certainty. Like the fact, once again, how those who seek a softer approach in delivering their message will always be labelled “evil” and “racist” by the anti-White media and they will use these titles to undermine your message anytime you use their platforms.

Now, some of these people can buck it and try to fight against it, but it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. It didn’t work then, and it wont work now.

Wasted time, money and effort

Too many of us in this movement try so hard for public acceptance of who we are and what we stand for. Something the anti-White media will never allow, if they can help it.

We also put too much stock in those criticisms and labels. Because this movement/cause has always been a “romantic” one where we want to be the hero, in a fight against good and evil.

But too many good Racially Loyal people take it badly when the narrative of that story is presented the opposite way we intended. That’s because the hostile, lying, fake news media still have the power and the influence.

Even with social media, the only people you’re going to convince otherwise are those who already believe the same way. Sure, some “normies” might think twice and even believe otherwise. But a few seconds later they scroll through their “newsfeed” and see a funny cat meme and laugh and, POOF, it’s gone.

Our minds have been over-saturated and desensitized so much our attention spans are weak and short.


I say to all those people who desperately try to be the “hero” but keep having their story rewrote by our enemies, welcome to the real world! Stop being considered with the opinions of those who seek your defeat and embrace whatever narrative they choose to write.

I have always said, if you want to make me the bad guy, so be it. Just don’t expect me to be the “good” guy when it’s convenient for you.

On the same token of being the “hero” of this story, one of the biggest things that holds our race back from defending itself, is its overwhelming sense of duty to our morals and ethics. Essentially shackling us in where our enemy is not hindered by such things.

Whether it be Antifa, “Black Lives Matter,” Muslims or even the government, they are not shackled by such things. We are, because it is a part of what we have built our identity around.

This is something that we must be willing to put aside, at least one day. History makes heroes out of the history that was written.

We have seen and participated in calling our veterans “heroes”. I am not saying they aren’t. They are brave men that did what most will not. But a man goes off and kills a bunch of people in war and we call him a hero, only if he is on the “winning side”.

Look at the example of soldiers in WW2. All on the winning side are considered heroes, while all those on the losing side are the villains.

Of course, when soldiers of the Vietnam War came home, they weren’t welcomed back as heroes, but spit on, because our politicians did not give them a chance to win. But at the same time these are men we, or our treacherous government rather, sent out to kill. Do you think after taking another mans life, you feel like a hero?

Even if that man is a mud. Only someone who has never done it would say it wouldn’t affect him, or a complete sociopath.

Yet we call these men heroes because they bear that burden. But we must know the difference in doing something we say is immoral one minute but acceptable when it is convenient to us.

We must be willing to bend our morals to do what we must. Even if being the bad guy one minute means your a hero the next. It’s a thin line. Once again our morals and ethics in reality cause us more harm because it ties our hands.

Another example. Look at European countries and how they deal with the Muslim invasion.

This brown sludge ooze into their country, rape their women on a daily basis, assault their children and essentially castrate the men through fear. The same fear that binds our hands from judgement, persecution and alienation. That will be heaped on us if we act against it.

It’s not from fear of defeat, because our ancestors fought off all their attempts to invade and in turn invaded their lands and conquered. But this time they use our pacifism, play off our weaker peoples humanitarian need to help, these poor disenfranchised “refugees”.

Then they enforce their culture on us and we accept because we know if we refuse it will lead to conflict. That same fear that guides most of our people, I believe isn’t based solely in cowardice.

We are a warlike people, at least through the majority of our history. A big part of it is our own warped morals and ethics that stop us from looking out for our own best interests.

Fear as our most common problem

To get to the point our people are crippled by fear.

There are all sorts of levels to this fear, but the fear I speak of, the same fear of violating our own codes of morals and ethics, is the judgement and condemnation from our fellow man.

This is why I make the comparison with those who go out there, with a PC approach so desperately seeking acceptance from society and our racial enemies. The rest of our people, as a whole, simply refuse to speak up and act.

I say brothers and sister, who cares for their opinions? Their labels? Their acceptance? I say to hell with all of it! If we are to be the bad guys of “their” history, then so be it!

Slikovni rezultat za feAR

Let us shake off any guilt they want to heap on us – any label or condemnation and be the best “bad guy” we can be! But let’s be smart about it. We need to build an empire from beneath their feet to supplant their empire.

Only a fool starts a war without a prepared army. We also need to realize this nation and culture is beyond salvation. Even if, in a dream, we gained political power in this country, what about half this country that is filled with self-destructive idiots?

I know some will say “they will fall in line”. Yea, only to build a rebellion in the same fashion and undermine everything.

NO! This country is fated to balkanize. Yet we must be able and willing to secure our own stake in that future.

This is why I say to hell with a statue or a memorial. I know that’ll piss a lot of people off but what are those things in comparison to all the White communities we have allowed our enemies to destroy?

Where were the protests when the niggers took over so many neighborhoods on the Southside, chasing all the whites out? Marquette Park has vanished from most people’s memories and the majority wont even know what I am referring to.

I ask you, what is more important, securing our communities and the safety of our children, or a statue? Let them tear it down. Let them burn it down. Let them destroy it all!

We are White. We will rebuild, as only we can. We cannot salvage this, but we can separate and rebuild.


In closing brothers and sisters, know I do not say these things to undermine what these people in Charlottesville did. I do not seek to be the enemy of those who attended. I just seek to point out some truths and offer advice/insight on moving forward.

To the contrary, I applaud their efforts, even though I think it was misplaced and mismanaged. We must move forward from this, in a better direction. It’s what we call learning,

Learn from this. Don’t trust the police. Redirect your efforts and do not be held back by the judgements of the brain polluted and our racial enemies. Embrace the “darkside” of THEIR history.

Because only together may we win this Racial Holy War!

~Rev. James Logsdon