We Decide Who Is White

Hermanm Göring famously declared “I will decide who is a Jew!”.

As humans we naturally categorise people and when it comes to anything remotely racial we have a strong inbuilt ability to do so very accurately.

Of course when Göring said this, he would no doubt have been considering more than looks alone, but adding behavioural patterns into the observation.

Another famous saying is “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck”.

It is a question of recognising one’s own kind and recognising those who are not.

How amazing it is when we put aquarium fish into a tank and even when they are raised without ever seeing others of their own species, they instinctively know their own kind and group together.

A fish or bird species can differ from another in appearance no more than by a ring around the iris of the eye or other subtle detail and yet they know their own kind.

Animals never decide to take the side of another species against their own. Humans are another matter. Treason is common among people.

For Creators, we know race is a biological reality, and that there are blurred edges where some darker White people are harder to ascertain regarding whether they are members of the White Race or not.

We don’t require anyone to probe and trace ancestry or take DNA tests however.

Our criteria is on appearance primarily but we also require racial loyalty in order to regard anyone as “one of us”.

This is where social construct in defining race is perfectly valid.

If someone claims to be White, looks White (including dark haired, brown eyed Mediterranean types) and is loyal to the White Race, they pass the necessary tests.

If someone is an enemy of our race, a race mixer or claims non-White ancestry they are out.

Why even accept such a person as being White? Their descendants almost certainly will not be White – in the long term.

Unless they fully embrace racial loyalty they are at best in the area of being potential White people, or at worst completely lost to our race.

As I said to a family member, who was arguing that race does not matter, and that White Racial loyalty is a bad thing: “Okay then, you are not White”. This reaction shocked some sense into him.  Now it seems he wants to be White after all!

~Rev. Jane