Tyranny Making Sanity Illegal


Deutche Welle, the German state-owned broadcaster, writes on their website that one in four German children suffers from mental illness.

Girls are twice as likely as boys to suffer from depression, with a distinct divergence in the data starting at age 14.

Some 17% of young patients were prescribed anti-depressive medication in 2017. Up to 8% of those affected ended up being treated in a clinic, with the average stay lasting 39 days. About a quarter of these patients will return to the clinic for further treatment.

These statistics are not unique to Germany but are affecting all “Western” countries.

This tragic situation is a product of warped modern society.

The number of people dying by suicide in the U.S. has been rising, and a new study shows that the suicide rate among girls ages 10 to 14 has been increasing faster than it has for boys of the same age.

Boys are still more likely to take their own lives. But the study published Friday in JAMA Network Open finds that girls are steadily narrowing that gap.

The template for values and behaviour in modern society is increasingly erratic, inconsistent, contradictory and illogical. As the saying goes “those whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad”. The truth is that the culprits are not the gods that they think they are. They are a competing ethnic group that do what they can to make it illegal even to name them as such. They are strongly affected by mental illness themselves however, due to their paranoia and totally unreasonable delusions of grandeur.

Ideas being fine-tuned and foisted on us include: that truth itself is dependent on feelings and individual perception; not on facts (but only certain feelings by certain people are valid), that masculinity is toxic; that White people are a scourge upon the earth and should all die; that there are a plethora of genders and sexual identities that anyone can choose to be at any minute of the day or night – while still requiring the state to pay for people (increasingly small children) to have painful and expensive operations to resemble a male if they are female or the other way around.

There is massive Pavlovian brain pollution to be certain that the best model for society is to make it the polar opposite of everything regarded as a “Nazi” ideology.  This, to use the analogy Ben Klassen uses for why the Christians are urged in their bible to be nothing at all like the “publicans”, almost comes to ordering that if Germans in the Third Reich put their trousers on one leg at a time, we must be sure never to do so.

Children have grown into adults who have no idea of a purpose for their lives or of how to make sense of literally anything at all. They are confused, thinking that one’s status is based on wealth and fame and that one is a success only in financial terms – while, because it is crazily contradictory, they are told that the wealthy and successful are also evil oppressors.  If they are failing to be wealthy and are resentful then they go more for blaming the White Race for the worst excesses caused by the financial system, and if they achieve that success they are urged to spread hate against the White Race in the same way while feeling personally very smug at their own status.

What all the insanity really comes down to is a focused goal to destroy the White Race. The groundwork was set out with the so-called “cultural Marxism” which was a massive divergence from anything Marx had even advocated. It was a Jewish School of thought: the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Critical theory is a process of reductionism where the pseudo intellectuals break down normal ideas as if to analyse them more closely but they already know what conclusions they are going to take and how they aim to socially engineer their victims to lose touch with basic ideas that help us develop a meaningful identity.

Here is an example of analysing the concept of masculinity.

R.W. Connell’s book, Masculinities, which we’re returning to this week after having already read chapter 1, is exemplary of CRITICAL MASCULINITY STUDIES in that it incorporates the perspectives and approaches of feminist and queer theorists to study men as a product of and influenced by the processes of gender construction.

Imagine the most audacious heist that criminal gangsters could possibly dream of. Nothing less than stealing reality! 

Every real thing; every fact, truth, objective observation or well-grounded instinct in the universe, the laws of Nature, is snatched away and replaced by lies, mischief and nonsense. In this situation the amazing thing is that people have not lost their minds even more.

People are being prosecuted for refusing to go along with the lunacy and everyone has to be cautious about the hysteria and its consequences.

The day I wrote this blog post I saw the following story about a university worker, a White man, who lost his job due to a typing error that has led to a new and peculiar racial epithet being accidentally coined it seems!

But the people services administrator ‘strenuously denies’ he sent the term deliberately, insisting the name of his female co-worker had autocorrected to ‘Hash brown’ on Outlook.

Creativity is the number one antidote to this insidious poisoning of minds.  Join The Creativity Movement today and ensure that you and hopefully your descendants and loved ones have the chance to understand what life is about, avoid spiraling into depression and madness, and recognise the enemies of our kind.

~Rev. Jane