In the last day of Trump’s presidency of the US, his supporters waited for him to declassify and expose the blatant criminals in power, and to make sensible moves, such as pardoning Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

To do these things would have meant Trump leaving with dignity and with his support base intact. Now he is disliked by many who dared to believe him an intelligent and well-meaning man.

Trump pardoned a couple of black rapper criminals and wished the new anti-American, White-hating regime, headed by demented Joe Biden, well.

This cowardly slinking off must have disappointed Trump’s enemies as well, since they were determined to paint him as a crazed would-be fascist dictator who would have to be forcibly ejected from the White House.

It was a very strange end to Trump’s presidency, with growing hysteria around the imminent exposure, so we were led to believe, of how the Democrats allegedly stole the election and how supposedly the upper echelons of the party are all Satan-worshiping rapists of children and so on.

These ideas were being promoted to various extents by people who were very close to Trump, such as previous Mayor of New York, Rudy Guilliani, and lawyers Sydney Powell and Lin Wood.

~Rev. Jane