Think Clearly and Creatively – Avoid the Fog

Your brain is like a muscle. It needs regular exercise or it will become weak and inadequate.

There are various things we all need to do in order to stay mentally as sharp as we can.

Improvements we all want

We all want to maximise our ability to concentrate, to have a good memory, to avoid confusion and to articulate our ideas and inspire others.

We want our tasks to go well, and be easier and quicker. For this we need clear thinking.

Physical Activity

Don’t spend a lot of time sitting still or lazing around. It is dangerous and affects your brain function including your mood.

Exercising your body – such as brisk walking and more focused training exercises are proven ways to improve your cognitive function.

Do what you prefer in terms of exercise and make it a regular habit.

The mind and the body are very closely related. Unfit people have unfit minds.

Tidy your home

An organised environment helps us to relax and focus. Clutter is very distracting and can even create low-level long term anxiety.

Tidying up sends a message of calmness to your brain.

Just keep to a manageable amount of tidying and organising every day – not too much all at once.

This is also a good way to feel rewarded and satisfied that you have done something worthwhile.

Eat healthily

Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids need to be a regular part of your diet. Reduce sugar and alcohol intake and drink plenty of water.

Multitasking can be unhelpful

Far more is achieved by very selective focus. You want your mind to be able to concentrate like a laser beam on the task at hand and not be obstructed by trying to do too many things at the same time.

Switching tasks causes mental fatigue, reducing your productivity in your work.

Try to complete one task at a time.

Disconnect from anything that distracts you from your task.

Being able to distinguish urgent and important tasks and getting them done first (such as something as simple as paying bills) is a key to leading a successful life.

Have a long-term mission with values and goals: spreading Creativity and pro-White awareness. This gives you a sense of purpose and enthusiasm to justify your existence on this planet. Without this you could feel lost and as if something is missing in your life.

Get out of your comfort zone

Comfort makes your brain stale and causes neural connectivity to be lost. It can increase your risk of cognitive decline. This is something to avoid as the consequences are quite terrifying.

We all need mental stimulation or the neurons in the brain stop firing and dendrites shrink or disappear as the brain loses its plasticity.

We need to be learning new things constantly to keep our brain in top condition.

Be willing to consider all kinds of ideas and perspectives while maintaining the golden rule on What is Good For the White Race.  We Creators have nothing to fear from understanding the universe as far as we are able. The laws of Nature and truth are not a threat to us as they are to people whose world-views depend on being deluded.

Learn new skills, and look for new opportunities to better yourself, your family and your race.

Be Creative

Instead of passively consuming youtube videos, social media and articles written by other people – get creative yourself. Your brain is challenged in very beneficial ways when you write or produce media yourself.

Ask yourself if you are benefiting from the things you do in your spare time or is it just keeping you down and wasting the hours away.

Is this information you are absorbing making you more likely to act? Is it making you more efficient and moving you forward?

Feel free to contribute to our website in any way that you can! It is greatly appreciated and the effort is rewarding even in terms of the workout you are giving your brain.

Engage with the world and make it a beautiful place for the White Race.

~Rev. Jane