The US Constitution fails again

While the Constitution of the United States forbids the government to spy on the American people, nothing in it specifically forbids the government getting information from private firms. Nor does the Constitution wording legally block the current practice of Project Echelon, “the five eyes”.

This project involves foreign intelligence services spying on other countries and passing the data to their partners, including the government of the country they spied on when that is the deal.

There are a lot more than five “eyes” as numerous other countries not mentioned in Project Echelon are nevertheless part of the process.

Governments that are not allowed by their own rules to spy on their citizens simply get the information by this method.

Now the US government is moving towards more dedicated corporate spying, getting private firms to circumvent the Constitution.

Joe Biden has thrown the 4th Amendment under the bus.

For years now, the government has been using private companies such as Facebook, You Tube, etc. to suppress the 1st Amendment as they now effectively control the public square – the opportunities for expressing personal opinions.

They go after political dissidents under a banner of “fighting disinformation”, “fighting foreign election interference”, “fighting medical disinformation”, or “fighting extremism and hate”. All of these socially approved terms really just boil down to a horrific level of censorship. It is all government-led efforts to crush political and social dissidence on behalf of neo liberal globalism.

While that was an attack on public speech, they are now going strongly after any right to private speech. The right to privacy is set out in the 4th Amendment as well as being a theme in other amendments.

Without a warrant the government cannot spy on you or is at least very limited on the data they can secretly collect on you. It has to be legally out in the open.

The government cannot legally infiltrate a closed Facebook group and start gathering private messages and such stuff without a warrant. As the whistleblower Edward Snowden famously revealed however, the NSA does spy on American citizens. Also there is Project Echelon. They capture metadata from many communications twenty-four seven days a week non stop. Yet legal limits still apply to how the info can be used and aspects of how it can be gathered.

Under the guise of the threat of “extremists” – with a big finger pointing at the pathetic invasion of the Capitol Building on January 6th this year – they drum up hysteria that they use to move towards further spying on dissidents.

“People might be planning extremist activities!” they scream. So they call for changes to allow private companies to gather data. The infiltration involves the usual trick of posing as a member of a group.

The Constitution, as it is, is very vague on the matter because of how long ago it was written. The founders did not expect or imagine private institutions to ever have the sort of monopoly or tools to violate various Amendments that they currently do.

Where the 1st Amendment protects against the government banning you from saying certain things, the government today works with, partners with, and gives subsidies to private groups like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. who suppress the speech on their behalf.

These companies are not truly private though, so their activities could be challenged constitutionally. Their platforms are used for NOAA alerts, USGS alerts or even that they are used for anyone to communicate with a politician. All are publicly traded companies as well, which opens up a legal can of worms.

Various politicians have been demanding that the government makes moves to tackle “disinformation”, by which they mean they demand the government censor people they disagree with. In doing so they are trying to circumvent the protections of the 4th Amendment which protects you in your papers and person against unreasonable searches (which this is) and seizure (of your data in this case).

Essentially Biden will get his way here since this kind of shady business is normal in the halls of power of the corrupt rulers. Yet this tyranny undermines the assurances to the people that a stable civilisation requires to function. It brings about turmoil and destruction of the country.

Third party groups, private firms will in future be able to communicate with Facebook, Apple or Google and sweep up data that otherwise the government could not touch. Then they will just give it to the government.

This is worrisome constitutionally, ethically and legally and should make the public very upset. There should not be a single US citizen supporting this.

Let’s be clear; had Trump suggested doing what Biden is doing, you would be seeing riots condemning Trump as a “fascist” for it. Those moronic leftists will have no problem with Biden being a genuine fascist, because that is how lemming-like and oblivious they are.

Even if Biden decided not to proceed with the private firm data gathering escalation, the fact is that the “five eyes”, Project Echelon remains in place which we have already discussed. So the US government can spy seamlessly on foreign people in other countries especially if they happen to be using a site hosted in the US, as they can easily be compelled to give that data to the British government or whatever country they are partnered with. That this happens is not even a secret.

The government is outsourcing the violation of the Constitution to private groups and foreign entities. Some might regard this as treasonous. Going by the spirit of the Constitution it should be illegal. Any reasonable mind would know that.

Further attacks on the spirit of the Constitution include (2nd Amendment) that you can be forbidden to be armed if you are in a privately owned area, even if you are renting a property.

Then there is the 10th Amendment. When Obama had migrants surging across the Southern border some of the Southern States decided they should fix the situation since the government was not enforcing its own immigration laws. The Federal government stepped in and stopped them from controlling the borders! The 10th amendment should have meant the states were allowed to police their borders.

Consider the rights of the accused in the face of politicians, like Maxine Walters, declaring only a guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin was acceptable, or else rioting must ensue.

She was intimidating the jury in the case. The trial is now possibly going to be declared a mistrial for this reason, and other reasons such as a BLM activist being on the jury.

What amendments are even left after all of this? The troops cannot be quartered in your home, slavery has been abolished, women have the right to vote and prohibition of alcohol repealed. That is all that is left.

You certainly do not have “equal rights”. You have affirmative action and endless programmes that violate the spirit of equal rights, not that we Creators believe in such notions, but it shows the hypocrisy of the government.

There are differential hiring practices, differential admission practices in universities of constitutional amendments again outsourcing these policies to private or foreign entities is happening.

Really it could be said a new constitutional amendment is needed to patch up all these gaping holes. The outsourcing of tyranny by the government should be tackled by an amendment.

This will not be something the neoliberal and neocon governments will ever want to do. The best that people can do to protect their children and grandchildren from the tightening fascist top-down tyranny is to work from the bottom up.

This is what racial socialism is: the folk have the power and the leaders are meant to represent the people.

Focus on voting on the state house, mayoral races and local legislative bodies. Focus on school boards, housing authorities and lower-level areas.

Influence the society where you can make your voice heard with ordinary people on the issues that worry ordinary people such as those mentioned here.

Rip the bureaucratic powers out at the roots and peacefully demand reform. This does work when enough people feel the heat and decide to act beyond making posts on social media.

A new model of society has to come from the foundation up, not just by tinkering around at the topmost political level such as supporting a Presidential candidate.

It doesn’t sound exciting, but it is realistic and vital that foundations are solid to support a structure that is of sound quality. At this level of local populist feeling, there should be no danger of being called an extremist or attacked for views generally considered correct by even so-called conservatives.

There has to be resistance to the controls on speech and opposing government pressure on states independent rights.

People need to go to town meetings more. In Texas a school board was taken over and the advance of “woke” teaching was stopped in its tracks.

The horrendous curriculum Biden wants was thrown out there. For the first time, people felt motivated to get active and put their foot down simply showing up. It was not difficult.

Enough motivated individuals can really put roadblocks up for the woke perverts. A silent revolution, from the bottom up with ourselves as Creators together with others who may not see eye-to-eye with us on a number of things just yet, but who share a disgust of the toxic agenda of the Federal Government and their media lackies.

The tide is turning and we all need to see it and be part of guiding the solutions for a Whiter and Brighter future.

~Rev. Jane