The State Thinks Most People Are Potential Terrorists

Skepticism about the government is treated as toxic and even as a terrorist threat. Disagreeing with the government and their lapdog media mouthpieces is called “disinformation”, “misinformation” and “dangerous conspiracy theory”.

The population are told they need to join the forces of good and inform or attack (at least verbally) those who question the benevolence of the State.

The Biden administration has abandoned the idea that sound explanations or debates should be had. All who disagree must be “cancelled” and criminalised. Faith in government is no longer earned. Trust in them is no longer gained through demonstrated performance.

Two ideas the US/Israeli administration (neocon Republican and neolib Democrats) led national security apparatus deems dangerous are: questioning the narrative on covid/vaccination and election integrity (cheating).

The Department of Homeland Security regards “conspiracy theories” about these things as connected to “White supremacy” and regards “White supremacy” (no coherent definition so as to cast a ridiculously wide net) as being the number one threat to American security!

They say that racism, but only if it comes from Whites, is a “long-term contributor to domestic terrorism” and groups who claim the White Race is in some way “superior” are the “most persistent and lethal threat”.

Throughout 2020 in particular, “pro-black” (violently anti-White) groups such as BLM and Antifa were burning, looting and murdering. They openly want to reshape America by revolutionary means. They are a clear threat to national security, but they are ignored by the Biden regime. They are ignored by the Deep State while the unwitting pawns who bumbled into a publicly-owned building, The Capitol, on January 6th this year are now on trial as being more dangerous revolutionaries than the US faced even in civil war times.

Completely peaceful groups with contrary ideas to the anti-White pervert-promotors and Great Reset “woke” billionaires (all part of a long evident Jewish agenda) are labelled by State-approved watchdogs like the Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center (they police paypal and social media) as basically being terrorists. Why? Just for “wrong think” – a pre-crime dystopian accusation in which they claim anyone who is against the State automatically is about to go on some kind of violent campaign.

Just because we disagree, as perhaps more than half of America does, with the terrifying agenda of the globalist authorities, we are being told to expect stong-arm punishments.

In the case of ourselves, as Creators, the State wants to label us “far right” or as “White supremacists” when really we are Racial Socialists, who do not fit on the Left wing/Right wing paradigm. They claim to know what we “really” think and that they can condemn us from whatever they concoct in their vicious minds.

Creators, unlike apparently all non-white races, are repulsed by the idea of owning slaves. Our enemies meanwhile have made the world now officially contain greater numbers of slaves than ever in history and dream of enslaving all White people to abuse horrifically in revenge for our blocking their psychopathic dreams with our civilised standards.

There is not one single organisation where White people are calling for the return of slavery – and yet many people think anyone pro-White must want to do that and is generally eaten-up by some kind of irrational hatred. It is a mirror-image of the truth.

A recent Deutsche Welt documentary shows the brutality of Nigerian sex-slavers who are destroying various parts of Italy. They are enslaving their own women, who are obviously the easiest to get as they would happily do this to anyone if and when they have the chance.

The world has never been in such an over-arching tyrannical grip, which is tightening every day.

Simply having the “wrong” political views means you are a “terrorist”. They say they know what you think and will judge you on what they invent.

In practice it is mainly an intimidation tactic to scare people into submission. This is a risk for the State as people are getting angry and are not as easily crushed as they hoped.