The Right Wing Hates Socialism

Labels. Our enemies use them to dismiss and to demonise everyone that they don’t like. They put you in a box and tell you what you think. We Creators do not and must not accept the label “right wing” just as we do not accept the label “fascist” or “White supremacist”.

Ben Klassen has stated clearly in our Holy Books that Creators are Racial Socialists and he has written in depth about what we mean by “socialism”. We fully embrace the label “socialist” as Creators.

See Chapter six, “Racial Socialism” in Nature’s Eternal Religion.

Who is “right wing” and who is “left wing”? Creators accept neither of these tags to describe ourselves. The labels make no consistent sense, regardless who uses them. However a clue as to how they could make some sense comes from one of the first lessons I was taught at school when studying politics in “Modern Studies” class. Since there is nowhere near any consensus on the definitions, it is all rather pointless to try and fix anything consistent anyway.

Some things we all agree to be “right wing”: belief in free market Capitalism, a respect for the monarchy and being conservative about what is regarded as “tradition” (generally allegiance to an ill-defined Christendom). There is also patriotism but this is where things start to get complicated. It comes down to the hierarchy in which those at the top require the masses to “know their place” and be ready to obey and fight in wars to protect the rich. However, the patriotic feeling is a collectivist emotion. It is about joining in with other patriots to protect something deemed valuable (the nation-state) and sacrificing oneself for that order.

This is where you should start to smell a rat. That sort of collectivist loyalty is more usually considered to be “left wing” and/or socialist – and Communist even. It fits with the “right wing” model only in that it serves the wealthy and powerful elite that the population will lay down their lives to protect that hierarchy.

When we Creators meet with other generally pro-White people we can observe that a lot of them are passionate about supporting that kind of “right wing” idea. The Church, the monarchy and the corporate free market billionaires are looked up to, or at least that system is what these patriots are dedicated to, even if they complain about personalities.

We Racial Socialists are lumped in with this crowd, simply because there is a common dislike of Marxism and mass immigration. In fact we have very little in common with them.

This is not where we belong. These “right wing” ideas are anathema to Creators. We are not conservative but progressive for one thing. We put our race before any fealty to any elite class that lords it over us. In fact, like the Marxists, we realise that there is nothing “divine” about those who rule over us and that they act as deadly enemies to the White Race.

While Creators wish to embrace the organic culture of the White Race, we know that this is not the Judeo Christian culture, and we seek to build on the natural foundations of White society in our progressive vision of advancement of the White Race.

It is all too easy to fall into bad habits of agreeing that we are part of the so-called “extreme right” or “alt right” or whatever – but this is a terrible mistake to make. It alienates us from those we approach by conveying the idea that we stand for things that in fact we despise. We are cannot slack off and call ourselves “nationalists”, “White supremacists”, “conservatives”, “fascists” or “far right”.

Those who wish to keep the White Race down insist on using these labels on us, knowing that we will never break free as long as we can’t even recognise how our values diverge from those categories.

So I ask all my fellow racial loyalists to guard against self-identifying with any of these labels. They are being used in propaganda to make us look strange on the one hand, while also causing a situation where a rebellion against multi-racialism can take the form of strong “right wing” patriotism that only strengthens the position of the hostile elites. A win-win scenario for them.

We all know the monarchists on “the right” who love “the flag”, “the country”, and who are sick of Muslims so they want a resurgence of Christianity. Who benefits? Only the (((tribe))) that hates both Whites and Muslims and is playing them off against each other while they sit at the top of the pile as our lords and masters.

These “right wing” fools are very vociferous about how they reject socialism and go on at length about how socialism fails.

They are not correctly identifying socialism. As Ben Klassen says: socialism is organised society. It is when a society is organised so that everyone is part of the whole and the racial interests are paramount – unlike a fascist order in which the State comes first and the people must serve the State.

Mussolini was a fascist, mainly because for socialism to work you need a nation in which everyone shares sufficient common genetics and culture. Germany under Hitler was a far more homogeneous country than Italy. At no point did Hitler advocate fascism for Germany and you will not find one single quote ever where Hitler does so or refers to National Socialism as being fascism. The Jews of the Soviet Union began calling National Socialist Germany “fascist” in order to distract from the fact that it was socialism. It was intended as a slur to mislead and has been taken up as the orthodoxy since then.

These confusing labels always come from this source. They play the goyim like silly puppets, telling them what they are and what they think. Don’t accept it.

The way the typical American (and this is increasingly common in Europe too) thinks of “socialism” is that it is all about taking from the productive people and giving it to those who cannot or will not pull their weight, but just act as ungrateful parasites.

When you think about it, such a system is a form of self-profiteering by sneaks. There is nothing socialist about that – but simply abusing the term to cover up for an underhand variety of individualist greed. It’s a form of Capitalism if anything.

It is like if people equated “love” with prostitution.  Unfortunately more and more people do even think like that. These men who denigrate all women as being disloyal, money grabbing harridans like to spread ideas that all women are whores for example.  People like the MGTOW men and even some writing for the Daily Stormer who advocate what they call “White Sharia” suggest women are the enemy of men.

This destruction of the important concepts of group loyalty and genuine love goes with the loss of trust that always accompanies diversity in a society. To some extent it is natural and to some extent it is contrived and pushed by those who want to thwart the White Race.

Racial Socialism is about a society that is not eating itself up with selfish competition, but which works together for the best interests of the whole.

Creators know this is the only way our race can thrive and prosper. We are not “right wing” or “left wing”. We are Racial Socialists!

~ Rev Jane