The Establishment are the Extremists

The establishment are the extremists, while they accuse people with normal, natural and long-standing instincts of being so.

This week Facebook, the dying social media platform that people only use out of old habits, decided to ban “White Nationalism” and “White separatism”.  This will only lose the company more business of course.

“White Nationalism” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but for us Creators it is a term we reject for ourselves as we are not nationalists in the first place.

Creativity envisions one White world in which White nations exist but are not pitted against one another by the eternal enemy.  Fratricidal wars are completely out. Organic national identity is fine on the other hand.

We Creators are closer to fellow Creators from anywhere in the world than we are to someone from our home country who is not racially loyal.

Creators are separatists though. We do not wish to have non-whites in our society and do not want to have to interact with them in our ideal life.

Our motivation is racial survival, a plan to prevent our racial extinction and to put our own kind first. We hope to realise our full racial potential rather than being destroyed.

For this we are called extremists.  Every race, tribe or family naturally wants to live and to thrive.

The real extremism is when we are told this is forbidden and further that all kinds of activities that are abnormal and harmful to the folk are to be promoted and protected.

The new, perverted ideas, promoted incessantly the anti-White media, are real the extremist ideas.

Until recent years it was considered extremism to be against democracy.  We Creators are not fans of democracy, and believe in the Leadership principle.

We live under a strictly controlled and phony democracy, but people have been led to believe that democracy is in some ways sacrosanct and that our governments respect the views of the people.

Now we find that the people are increasingly choosing options that the establishment does not want to allow. “Populism” is called “extremist”!

Populism is little else than the popular view of the people. This is what we had believed was implied by “democracy”!

Populist challenges to the establishment are sneered at and the force of the media, the law and even the army is brought to bear on populist uprisings.

Examples of the populism that the establishment is showing its extremist intolerance of include: Donald Trump’s election; UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn; various leaders such as those in European countries who are refusing to implement the mass immigration policies or the vote by the British people to leave the European Union.

Obviously one of these is the odd one out and that is the “far Left” Corbyn who is seen as a threat because he does not sufficiently obey Israel and the financial globalist cabal.

Many of us are familiar with what one of the Jewish Rothschild bankers purportedly boasted in the 1800s: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”

The Jewish former head of the US Federal Reserve. Alan Greenspan, echoed this sentiment when he said, in 2007:

We are fortunate that, thanks to globalization, policy decisions in the US have been largely replaced by global market forces. National security aside, it hardly makes any difference who will be the next president. The world is governed by market forces.

These manipulators and masters of global financial forces are extremists. Their social engineering of our culture is cruel, ugly and alien.

With characteristic chutzpah they manipulate their victims to think that simply desiring to live, when these people have no use for you, makes you guilty of exactly the outrageous insolence that they themselves are truly indulging in.

~Rev. Jane