The Big Property Buy Off – Great Reset

The World Economic Forum, headed by the sinister Klaus Schwab, is the group that hosts meetings of world leaders and billionaires at Davos in Switzerland.

By now you have probably all heard their slogan for their 2030 dystopia. They proudly proclaim, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy!”

Sky News Australia even did a very helpful video on the topic.

Part of this scheme is that the population of the world, under their global governance, will not own property. This includes anything from cooking utensils to, of course, your own home. Everyone must rent from the fabulously wealthy overlords.

These people celebrated the opportunities that the covid 19 epidemic brought for them to very conveniently progress.

Kicking off the snatch of housing in the US, BlackRock has been buying up property at prices higher than the market price, which in turn makes the houses too expensive for ordinary people and is a huge incentive for home owners to sell.

If the carrot won’t work you can be sure that various taxes and other economic weapons can provide a stick to prod anyone who tries to resist, sooner or later.

There are many articles and videos appearing on the subject of BlackRock being used in this way to fulfill the aims of The Great Reset. For greater depth simply use a search engine and it will be easy to get the full details.

BlackRock is the largest asset management firm on the planet. They have nearly $10 trillion in assets, and a corrupt sweet deal with the Federal Reserve so that the schemes are partly paid for by the manipulation of currency, and therefore screwing with the American public in more than one way.

Federal Reserve taps BlackRock to manage bond purchases

The main way families pass wealth onto future generations is through property ownership but this is what is under threat. They aim to make us all renters. Think about how that can also allow them to persecute dissidents as well.

Of course this is also happening elsewhere, not just in the US. In Britain, Lloyds bank has started doing the same thing.

Will the Great Reset ever happen or will they goof up spectacularly? Probably the latter. Their plans don’t fit in with the Eternal Laws of Nature. The world population can’t be just molded like clay to fit their crazy vision. It will soon backfire, although exactly how and when remains to be seen.