TCM 43 Years old


Racial greetings Brothers and Sisters. Today is ours, The Creativity Movements 43rd anniversary. There are those who talk bad about us or our members and though we haven’t accomplished nearly as much as we should have over the years, the sheer fact that we have been around this long speaks volumes to our creed, program and determination.

The test of time, through good and bad, tests ones mettle far more then any judgemental attitudes or condemnation. Our great church is unlike any other. While many get frustrated and impatient, they get over zealous and burnt out. Fizzling out like a firecracker. Our flame continues and will continue. Think of the story of the tortoise and the hare. While the hare might run fast and get attention, he eventually runs out of steam, gets tired and quits or loses attention. The tortoise stays the course runs his steady pace and will win the race.

As an unstoppable juggernaut, our consistency will outlast others. Stay the course my friends. Head down and drive forward. It won’t matter how fast you run but who wins the race. Progress and consistency are our biggest weapons.

So celebrate today my comrades because we still have many more years and A LOT of work ahead of us.


Rev Logsdon
Feb 43AC (2016)