Taliban Control Sends Us Cowardly Trash

Now that the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan will the culture of Bacha Bazi be stamped out? This sexual abuse of young boys is such a widespread part of Afghan culture (although despised by the Taliban) that it is not a surprise that the Afghan army and their US-nurtured state were not brave warriors and went straight for trying to run away to countries where you and I live.

While the Taliban are strictly against homosexuality, they pick on young girls and will rape or forcibly marry girls from around the age of 12. Still this does seem quite a step up from the institutionalised systemic boy rape.

Younger boys have culturally been kidnapped and forced to wear alluring female dress, dance for the pederasts, and be raped until they are too old for their taste. At that point the ruined young men often resort to male prostitution.

The western soldiers serving in Afghanistan were given specific orders that when they heard the screams of raped boys they must ignore it.

It sounds like the sort of holiday resort many of the “great and good” and other pedos with the money would go to, so they must be disappointed at the change of regime.

After around 20 years of trying to stabilise Afghanistan, the US army was suddenly withdrawn by senile Joe Biden. Incompetence abounds in the upper echelons of power and the army stupidly left millions of dollars of weapons in the hands of the cowardly pervert Afghan forces who just buckled without much of a fight overnight leading to predictable chaos.

Our troops should never have been sent to Afghanistan and we should leave them alone. Many of them coming over here are afraid of being punished for their corruption and among them will be some terrorists as well as a lot more rapists.

The plus for the US and other western governments is that they can now ship in many thousands of refugees to further destroy the fabric of our society. Of course they would do that anyway. They are shipped in as fast as possible.