Striving to be a Better Person


Having goals and ideals to work towards is an admirable and sensible attitude. No one is entirely perfect, without any bad habit or occasional failing.

As Creators we have higher standards than perhaps most people, but we don’t want to inspect every aspect of our fellow pro-White friends’ lives in order to shame them.

Nor do we want to scrutinise the smallest details in order to tell anyone they could not qualify as a Creator, when they outwardly have all the really important attributes.

To inspect everyone’s personal habits with a fine tooth comb right up to what media they like to watch, insisting only films or books or music approved by our Church are acceptable, would be an excessive invasion of privacy. Doing that would be harmful to our cause.

The same is true with delving into their hidden likes and dislikes on every level from sexual to culinary. “What do you do with your wife in bed?!!!”  “Do you eat cake?!!!”

We can say what we expect of people and set a standard that is to be regarded as ideal.

A balance has to be struck. If someone who is associated with Creativity goes around effectively promoting anything we regard as being degenerate, they can be taken to task or shunned for doing so.

If it is in the public domain then criticism is fair. However we cannot be expected to waste time and intimidate recruits by interrogating them on all matters that otherwise we would never know about or be in any way affected by.

Where would the line be drawn if we had to check everything from how often they brush their teeth to whether they ever get drunk, eat bars of lard or get turned on by toes?

As a rule, Creators don’t have the same concept of sin as being a crime that Abrahamic religions do. There are crimes and then there are private matters.

In the case of private failings it is really up to that person themselves to try and improve their conduct. Simply remembering that anything bad for the White race should be avoided is the guideline.

The philosopher Nietzsche said that even when you are alone, you shouldn’t let yourself down. We should be good people, not just in front of others, but because we want to feel proud of ourselves.

There will always be improvements to make in our lives, and recognising this is the first step.

‘We Creators recognize that even the longest journey starts with the first steps! We urge every White person to read our books, join our Movement and take the first steps in the long and glorious journey towards a New White Renaissance, a Whiter and Brighter World, and a Magnificent Era of the White Superman.’ ~The Little White Book 

Come the day when the whole White world embraces Creativity, we will have the advantage of: a sound mind, in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment.

With good breeding and good influences all around them, people naturally behave in a less neurotic or corrupted way and are healthy and happy.

~Rev. Jane