Stay True

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One of the things that irritates me the most is people who cannot stay true to the things they claim to believe in. I fully understand that people go through life-changing situations, crisis of conscience, awakening to truths not before seen or, after soul-searching, discover something new and shift directions. They may feel different about things. However, very rarely should someone who claims to feel something in their heart and soul, something they claim they would live their lives for or even die for and then – POOF! – they say the same for something else. Most of us in this cause have seen this. Some reading this are guilty of it. I hope those who do fall guilty to this heed my words and do one last soul search or forever be lost. Not just lost to me or others, but lost in their own world. Because only someone who has either mental instability, lacks honor or loyalty, lacks true comprehension of what they claim to believe in, or no “heart” to truly dedicate themselves to something they claim to one day then something else the next.

Unfortunately I have come across this WAY to often amongst “men,” and I use the term very loosely. Because real men have honor, loyalty, commitment and determination. They don’t abandon a cause so easily when something more popular, more intriguing comes along. All men, even the strongest have doubts in their hearts. They get stressed over right or wrong, what’s easy and convenient vs. what’s hard, complicated and sometimes what people will say is winless. Yet they stand firm. Let me go a little more in depth here.

First, when I look at my own past, I myself have changed my beliefs, but not really. I was born into a Christian family, at least on my mother’s side. I was forced into private Christian schools and had the Jewish bible crammed down my throat. Forced to go to Sunday school and this Lutheran school that focused more effort on our studies with the Jewish bible than the actual ABCs and 123s that children in school should be learning. To the point the school was far behind the basic curriculum of the public schools. My father and his side of the family weren’t dedicated Christians. They claimed it, because it was more so a cultural acceptance, but absolutely no observance or practice. So by the time I was 10 years old my father had enough. He didn’t care about my “Christian” studies and stopped my mother’s side of the family forcing it upon me. So, very quickly after I found myself “removed” from this environment for disciplinary issues, which mostly consisted of talking back and questioning the very principles of the faith, I discovered quickly the general hypocrisy of those within the church. For example, Lutheran pastors who knew absolutely nothing about Martin Luther or the fact that a young child had questions about things that made no sense and was told to be quite because to ask those things is blasphemy. So off to public schools. Where my family lived the school was one street over the district line of going to a White school. Instead I was forced to go to a majority black westside school. Now growing up with my father, Racial Loyalty was second nature. Which meant my days there were just peachy.

Anyway, much later I found myself a young teen, out on my own at 14, got my first place to live at 16 after being legally emancipated by the state. I travelled back and forth to Chicago. I ended up discovering the skinhead scene. The skinhead scene was majority non-religious, but the few that did practice a religion mostly believed in Odinism. So I delved into that, studying all that was available. The Poetic Edda, The Havamal and the Viking sagas. I also read most of your run of the mill “Norse” mythology books. I became intrigued by it and accepted it as my “belief”. Of course I never believed in the mystical senses of Thor coming down in Ragnorok and battling Sleipnir the world snake or Valkyries coming down on chariots, whisking someone away to Valhalla. I never truly understood how anyone could. I simply enjoyed the cultural and historical ties to these beliefs and the fantasy style stories of elves, giants and gods. It was no more then a means to have common belief with some and a way to feel connected to my ancestors. I didn’t understand that my blood was the most important link to my ancestors. As I remember, I enjoyed the stories of Greek gods and their pagan beliefs even more so. When in reality if one were to compare the two, Vikings and their gods vs. Romans and their gods, there is no comparison. Greek and Roman mythology is far superior. Even though the heyday of Romans was a thousand years before the Vikings. I know that won’t be a popular opinion as many clasp onto Odinism/Asatru as if it is a socially acceptable security blanket amongst pro-Whites. They do so to feel they fit in. I get it. Boys need to feel they belong. Men, however, stand on their own with what is right and what is in their hearts.

About the time I turned 17-18 and entering prison I discovered Creativity. As anyone who has truly read and studied the words of our Founder, understood them, researched them as he intended and found it all to be fact, it comes as quite the shock. It shakes the very core and realigns ones understanding of the world around him. But I am sure this is something many will say about their faith. However, to fully understand and accept a belief is a life-changing ordeal. Not something someone with any rational thinking takes lightly. But there is the difference. Many claim to be of a faith, without reading it, understanding it or accepting it.


Let me make a side note here. Those who quit a faith, belief, ideology or group that they claim allegiance to, what do you call that? A traitor, a betrayer, a coward, etc. What do they do if a soldier abandons his post and jumps sides? In modern days the other side will use them for what they can and chuck them to the side or turn them back over to those they betrayed. For who wants a disloyal man? They would be imprisoned or executed. So those who fall into this category, think about that the next time you post a meme about “Viking” days. Those who betray don’t get magically carried off by big boobed blondes flying chariots to Valhalla. They get an axe to the head and their families in most cases suffer not such a swift end!!!

Now I also understand, as I would be what some would call a missionary of Creativity. It is my duty to question the faith of others and turn them to mine. I do so to those never exposed to it. Not your typical pancake who willy-nilly jumps from side to side, but those we feel need a racial awakening to our faith. Creativity is based on hard cold facts, not mysticism or fantasy in any way. We don’t pull at the heartstrings of people or manipulate their minds into believing something they have never seen or experienced. Instead we lay down what we believe, take it or leave it. We won’t coddle you or baby you with hope or blind faith. So once someone accepts it they essentially abandon all faith in the ever “afterlife” or ideas of all-powerful bearded White guys in the sky. A Creators hope is the strength they find within themselves, their faith is that which they find while fighting for a better future for themselves and their children. So to take all that in and then suddenly – POOF! – believe in a “god” is someone desperately searching for something they will never find. They are playing games.

Like all faiths, it is in your heart or it is not. To change it like you change underwear is someone that suffers from mental instability. I have been a Creator for 20 years. There have been good times and bad. There have been times when I have questioned whether there is something out there, whether I will be “judged” for not blindly following. Then I wake up. Reality, regardless of whether you believe in a flying spaghetti monster, is right in front of your face. It’s the here and now. It is not the past, or stories of the past. It isn’t your ancestors, it is you. Are you going to just float around like ash in the wind or stand your ground with what is in your heart?


For those who pancake their beliefs, I pity you. I can work with and accept a Christian whose faith disgusts me, appalls me, that is the polar opposite of what I believe. But I can at least trust a man that stands by his convictions and his heart. Someone who changes so easily, and there are quite a lot out there, some of you reading this are like this or perhaps you follow someone like this. Either way, it is sad. That is someone who doesn’t even know who he is, so how can he lead or how can anyone follow? Someone who I nor anyone like me could ever trust. Food for thought.

But for those who believe what they believe in their hearts, stand true. Always question but don’t take change easily. Maybe what you are experiencing is a test, so wait, watch and search your heart. Don’t be a pancake. If I meet someone who claims to be a Christian and after talking for an hour claims to be a Creator, I back away slowly! LOL. Beware the pancake, you can never trust someone who doesn’t know themselves or is never true to what they claimed yesterday. It is one thing to go through changes as a young man because you are discovering yourself but to do it as a grown man, multiple times or even worse as a middle aged man is just pathetic.

Ugh! As a Minister going into my 20th year of service to Creativity and our 44th year as a religion, I have no tolerance for such people. Especially phony people. I don’t need friends, I need men with honor and loyalty to stand with. Men who understand integrity, who stand their ground and know accountability and accept it when they are wrong. I can take many faults in my fellow Creators and associates, as they accept mine, but I cannot accept cowards, betrayers or people who can’t figure out who they are. I am not your daddy and I am not here to tell you your place in life. That is up to you. I am just a man who shows you the truth and suggests how to live better and be a better man. What you do with it is up to you. If you are a man of honour, loyalty, dedication, perseverance and pride, then I greet you as a man. A real man. A REAL WHITE MAN! If you are one of the lost souls I described above then, please, either heed my words, change your life, or be lost to the despicable mess of the many throngs of parasites who have attached themselves to the pro-White cause as barnacles attach to a ship. You will be flaked off as this ship sails forward. Because only true believers, dedicated supporters and activists can together with us win this Racial Holy War.

~Rev Logsdon