Some Thoughts on Epstein Scandal


As some have pointed out, the event of Epstein’s highly suspicious “suicide” in prison compares in historical significance and cover-up to the controversy surrounding the shooting of President John F Kennedy in 1963.  It is not a subject to be ignored but to write a full account on the matter would take many pages so this is a very brief blog post that requires the reader to do their own background research if need be.

Jeffrey Epstein was a Jewish billionaire who became notorious for sexually abusing and pimping underage girls for his own pleasure and that of the ruling class of the world, at least those who would all be fellow guests at Bilderberg meetings.  These are mainly fellow Jews but many were not Jewish and simply “Friends of Israel” so to speak.

How Epstein made his fortune is itself not clear and has raised many eyebrows.

This was Epstein’s second arrest in connection to sexual abuse of underage victims. The first time, a more sympathetic regime was in power in the US and so the girls were labeled as willing prostitutes despite the fact that no consent was demonstrated and that their age meant they should have been regarded as having been raped in any case.

Epstein was given a sweetheart deal prison sentence which was ridiculously pampering, allowing him to spend just some nights in a luxurious prison and his days at home as he pleased more or less.

Upon release, it would seem that Epstein went back to the same disgusting trafficking of girls, with his best friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of reputed Mossad agent corrupt media mogul Robert Maxwell.   There are credible accounts that all of them had connections to Mossad, the Israeli spy service, and that the powerful and rich people who Epstein organised children for were possibly even filmed with a view to some kind of blackmail or to prove that these people were compromised enough to be allowed positions of power.

Ghislaine Maxwell remains free despite the belief that she was seeking out victims for Epstein to abuse and intimidate.

After being arrested a second time for much the same activity as the first time, the difference was that now people felt Epstein and his clients could genuinely face justice.

Epstein was a huge donor to the Democrat Party and his closest friends and contacts have overwhelmingly been of the neo liberal political persuasion. Donald Trump is linked to Epstein too, although that appears to simply be that they mingled at times while both hoped to take advantage of each others’ influence for self advancement.

Trump does not come out of this smelling of roses, but Trump is correct in retweeting the notion that Epstein’s death was what many suspected would happen at the hands of the Clintons, Trump’s infamous enemies.

A lot of people that the Clintons regarded as inconvenient to them have “committed suicide” in physically suspicious circumstances. Look up “Clinton body count” on a search engine for information.

On Epstein’s final arrest, everyone wondered whether this would mean we were about to see some of the biggest names from Hollywood, Wall Street, politics, British royalty (Prince Andrew specifically) and others go to prison.

Ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his close ally, fellow MP Peter Mandelson, a Jewish homosexual who has been dubbed “the Prince of Darkness” by other Labour Party colleagues in the past, featured heavily in the number of contact addresses they shared in Epstein’s book of contacts.

The highest echelons of power contain many psychopaths who, as is the case with all psychopaths, cannot stand existence unless they have a regular holiday into depravity. This is known in psychology as the way in which psychopaths can relax from the stress of wearing a mask of being charming and trustworthy people.

With Epstein gone, one place for these people to enjoy their depravity has been removed. He was presumably murdered to protect the reputations of his clients. The internet is a major reason why what is hidden increasingly sees the light of day. People can put evidence and tell their side of the story in ways that create an avalanche of revelations which would otherwise have remained unseen. No wonder the authorities are censoring social media as much as they can.

Where will Prince Andrew go in future if indeed he has a desire to molest teenage girls, when the friend he so loyally supported is dead?

Imagine if you had a brother, for instance, who was friends with a convicted child molester. Imagine if your brother claimed his loyalty to his friend meant that he would continue to see him after a prison sentence and with no suggestion his friend had even reformed his character? Presumably you would be utterly disgusted with  your brother if you even wanted to still regard him as a relation of yours in such circumstances.

Yet the ‘royal’ family close ranks, happily supporting Andrew, who was close friends with Epstein, in the very bosom of his social circle even after Epstein got out of jail. After being warned that his relationship with the Jewish billionaire child molester would be damaging, Andrew reportedly exclaimed, ‘‘Stop giving me a hard time. You’re such a puritan.’

After reading the above, and much more, how any decent White person justifies being a ‘royalist’ at this point is beyond us. Talk about a pack of degenerates.

News sources regarded as the trusted alternative to “fake news” have in the past backed up the likes of Epstein and his friends, and even insist still that there is nothing suspicious about a man who had just days before tried to kill himself being taken off suicide watch, hanging himself while screaming with a sheet that was not available in prison, from a bunk bed and while the cameras and guards all failed to be watching at that moment.

The integrity of the whole corrupt system is being called into question with the Epstein case. Those of us who already knew the kind of scumbags that occupy positions of power are not holding our breath expecting this case to be properly investigated or for those who are guilty to be exposed. Nevertheless the general public has to be fooled most of the time for these evil-doers to remain in their positions of influence.

The Epstein case is frightening to the herd who subscribe to the idea we have a “democracy” or that those who rise to the top are “the great and the good”.  They will have to grasp a lot harder at their delusions if the gullible want to sleep easily at night.

This is an “I told you so!” moment of victory for many so-called “conspiracy theorists” and will lead to a lot more eyes being opened and determination not to be fooled again.

It is worth Creators taking the opportunity to raise the subject with friends and family, especially as it is a mainstream topic. Discussing how revealing the Epstein case is will help others to see the battle that is on for our minds.

The system of justice has broken down. Horrendous crimes are being committed and the perversion of of justice has never been more clumsily blatant than in the Epstein case. There will almost certainly be repercussions to follow.

~Rev. Jane